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  • Publisher(s): Nintendo
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Immerse yourself in a truly original, funny game with quirky characters, dozens of places to explore, and an intelligent combat system featuring yo-yos and dirty socks.

Earthbound Review

There's a reason so many people are in love with EarthBound. Sure, you could chalk it up to pure, unbridled nostalgia, but doing so would tragically reduce the justification of the adulation that so many people have expressed over the years for this offbeat RPG. Ultimately, EarthBound is everything longtime fans have said it is. This is a bold game that defied logic and went places no other game would at the time of its release. As a matter of fact, the whole thing still feels immensely fresh to this day, because plenty of modern games still won't dare to do the things EarthBound did. Fun fact: I played EarthBound for the first time in 2009, literally weeks before I decided to enter the world of games writing. Before that time, and in the four years since, however,... Read Review

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