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Earth Defense Force 2025 is an action shooting bonanza from D3Publisher that arms players with more weapons than ever before! Players will have the experience of their lives as they form elite soldier classes to send on a global quest to protect the world from alien invasion.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Review

In the grand list of satisfying video game moments -- somewhere between Peggle’s Ode to Joy and a killing spree in Call of Duty -- lies a well-placed rocket shot in Earth Defense Force 2025. There's nothing quite like it. Fire into a heavy concentration of the game’s trademark giant bugs and you’ll be greeted with a massive explosion followed by a confetti of insect parts. The game engine struggles for a moment, so in awe of your shot that it slows down to catch up with the mess you’ve made. Is it brilliant game design or a happy accident? Five EDF games in and I’m still not sure, but the endorphin rush comes all the same. Most people in the West became familiar with Earth Defense Force when EDF 2017, the third game in Japanese developer... Read Review

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