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Supercross fans' collective cup is about to runneth over, as they'll have four Supercross games to choose from by the time the winter snow melts. EA Sports' Supercross 2000 is the first of the bunch to make it to store shelves, which gives it a high-flying leg up on the competition. EA Sports has gone above and beyond the call of duty by actually sponsoring a Supercross series for PACE sports. Titled the EA Sports Supercross Series, the real-world tour schedule has been recreated in Supercross 2000. Talk about authenticity!


It’s a recipe for disaster: A Mulisha Air followed by a Superman Seat Grab over two jumps, the first which gives you the air necessary for the triple stunt, the second barely enough to get you airborne. The trick is to have the speed and continue it through the course. That means tight turns and quick acceleration. EA SPORTS™ Supercross, for the PlayStation console, is not just about freestyle competition. In fact, the game really hits its stride in the featured event – which is Supercross motorcycle racing. Featuring more than 25 riders (plus the option to create your own rider), and 18 courses (yes, one must be unlocked), this force feedback ride is a combination of quick reflexes, instant... Read Review


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