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EA SPORTS Active 2 - Feature

EA SPORTS Active 2

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David Beckham Named Brand Ambassador For EA Sports Active 2

  EA are very fond of the people they sign up to be cover stars for their games. So much so that the Kombo inbox regularly seems to fill up with the latest announcements of who's promoting what. The presence of a "real" sportsperson on the packaging for a game is, presumably, intended to give the product an air of credibility. Even if the sportsperson in question is just one person out of thousands of players in the game. EA's latest signing is David Beckham, world-renowed soccer player. He has been named the "brand ambassador" for the company's upcoming EA Sports Active sequel. So are EA Sports Active 2 players going to be harassed by a mild-voiced English soccer player prancing around in Calvin Kleins on their TV? Well, err, no. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Become Less Gross with EA Sports Active 2

  Fitness games have come a long way in a short time. It wasn't too long ago that gamers were laughing at Nintendo. Sure, we were wrong about the Wii, but no one is going to buy a Wii Fit Board for $90. More then two years later and the Wii Fit Board has almost never dropped out of the top ten best sellers for the month according to the NPD. OK, fine, we were wrong about the Wii Fit Board as well. It turns out that people will use videogames to exercise, but all of these knockoffs aren't going to go anywhere; and what is the deal with EA Sports Active it doesn't even require the Wii Fit Board. Wrong Again. EA Sports Active was a huge success. Certainly not as big as Wii Fit, but by providing a more focused workout regiment it quickly became the workout-game choice of people who were serious about getting into shape. Now EA has returned with EA Sports Active 2; and it isn't confined to just the Wii this time. Read More


Nintendo's Conference Even Won Over Blezinski

Gears of War series director Cliff Blezinski revaled today that he gave Nintendo his "vote" for best press conference of E3 2010. The perception seems to be that Nintendo has turned back towards their core fans, but is that the whole of it? "I think Nintendo's back," Blezinski said at the end of an interview with Gamers often joke about how dusty their Wiis have been throughout this console generation, and many of the same people now talk of dusting off their Wiis after Nintendo's conference this year. "That's good to see, because I dusted off my Wii for Mario Galaxy 2," said Blezinski. "I'm hoping to keep the dust off of it." Read More


Study Shows EA Sports Active is Effective

According to a recent scientific study conducted by Dr. John Porcari from the University of Wisconsin, the EA Sports Active line of products passed the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) guidelines for an effective workout. As per the results, regular usage of Active can improve aerobatic capacity and body composition as part of a healthy lifestyle. More after the cut. Read More


'EA'3 - EA Sports Active 2.0 Hands-on Preview

Last week, an elite crack team from Kombo infiltrated EA headquarters to get the scoop on some upcoming games before the media carpet bombing known as E3 begins. Expect more like this as the week drags on. EA Sports Active 2.0 is the sequel to last year's popular Wii fitness game, which in turn was seen as an alternative to Wii Fit. The second iteration promises a more dynamic workout, with the PS3 version, previewed here by Kombo's Swaraj Thakker, allowing players to go hands free and pick up dumbells for added weight. The addition of a heart monitor allows fitness junkies to view their heart rate in real time and even check what zone they're in. Check out the video for some action, and read Swaraj's hands-on account after the jump. Read More


Nintendo Still Needs Third Party Support

Nintendo thinks they've done almost all they can to attract third party support on the Wii, despite its refusal to improve given the platform's success. Nintendo still admits the need for third party support however. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime laid out to Industry Gamers last week at the 2010 Game Developers Conference what they are doing to meet their responsibilities as a platform holder. He indicated however that Nintendo can only do so much. Reggie said that Nintendo as a platform holder is supposed to provide developers with a large install base, proper tools, and an encouraging profit model. "We've done that; global installed base is over 67 million for Wii and there are 120 million in the DS family," he said. "So there's a large installed base, an easy platform to develop for and a strong set of tools out there." Read More


Nintendo Media Summit: Semi-Live Blog

So, Nintendo's media summit is scheduled to get under way any time now. I'm not actually there, but I'm keeping an eye on a number of people who are, so hopefully that will be close enough. We did get an invite, but I'm not sure of our liveblogging capabilities otherwise. So, if we got an invite, why aren't I there? To the best of my knowledge, it's for people in the San Francisco area, or who can pay their own way, and that's a bit of an expensive commute from Toronto, so there you have it. But if there is any hands-on stuff to be had, I'm sure we'll bring it to you soon. For now? Just waiting for news to pour in; refresh this post (not on the front page) to keep up with the latest buzz. It's six minutes after noon as we speak, with the summit scheduled for noon EST/9am PST, and it seems people are still being seated/things are still getting ready. Not all that surprising, really; if Nintendo has ever started one of these things on time, be it here, E3, or elsewhere, I don't remember it. Not necessarily a bad thing, though; I just think they aren't prepared for the turnout they tend to get. Read More