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The Games That Don't Install Well on NXE, and How Much Room It Takes for Those That Do

The Games That Don't Install Well on NXE, and How Much Room It Takes for Those That Do

One of the most hyped features (somewhere after Netflix and Avatars) of the New Xbox Experience is the ability to install games to the Xbox 360's hard drive. However, as Halo 3 has taught us, it's not quite a perfect procedure. In fact, it would seem that there is a small number of titles which don't really see any improvement when installed, thanks to the way the developers designed them. According to Destructoid, these titles are Big Bumpin', College Hoops 2k7, Pocket Bike Racers, Sneak King, Crackdown, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, and Quake II from the Quake IV Bonus Disc (according to NeoGAF). Or, to put it in a different perspective, it's the three Burger King promo games, an out-of-date basketball game, a game most people bought just to get into the Halo 3 beta, and a game most people probably don't want anyone else knowing they own, anyway. Takes a bit of the sting out of it, I figure. So now we know which ones don't work. But of those that do work, how much space will they take up? This is a question that's no doubt on the minds of many... or at least, however many bought a 360 with a 20GB hard drive. Fortunately, Sean has compiled a list over at NeoGAF which answers that very question, along with a few notes here and there about the reduction in load times. However, he notes "I can't possibly verify all of these sizes/notes, just going off of what people tell me. If there's an error please correct it and be nice about it." For your Kombo Konvenience, the list is posted right after the kut... er, cut. Whew, that was close. Read More

kombo Nov 24, 2008 | Comments
Katamari Creator's Nobi Nobi Boy To Be at TGS '08

Katamari Creator's Nobi Nobi Boy To Be at TGS '08

Sometimes, you've just gotta feel bad for guys like Keita Takahashi. Say names like Shigeru Miyamoto, Tomonobu Itagaki, Hideo Kojima, Yuji Naka, Koji Igarashi, or Keiji Inafune, and a lot of people will know who they are... provided they're into gaming, anyway. But Takahashi? Seems he's more or less stuck as "the Katamari Damacy guy." At least for now. Of course, that could soon change, as his next work, Nobi Nobi Boy is underway, and will be at the Tokyo Game Show. The downside is, it will only be there in video form. No playtime for you. Or me. But especially you. Also up Bandai Namco's sleeve for the show is what seems to be a retail version of Mojipittan for Wii, though it remains unknown if that is some sort of port of the WiiWare title, or a new one altogether. If you're curious about what else will be there, check out the full list after the cut. Read More

kombo Sep 30, 2008 | Comments