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DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires focuses deeply on the chaotic lives of the warriors as their fateful decisions affect the rise and fall of the nations they bravely fight for. Players can select from 83 unique characters, or create their own original character with a plentitude of options through the edit function. The visual customization goes further with the newly implemented ability to customize their horses, banners and "normal" officers.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review

Despite my many praises for the core Dynasty Warriors games, most recently being Dynasty Warriors 8 XTREME LEGENDS Complete Edition, there are still many players who dismiss the games for their repetitive nature. And while I certainly understand where they're coming from, though I could argue that the games are much more than that, there is always a follow-up to each core title that infuses the game with a deeper layer of strategy. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is the latest from Tecmo Koei and Omega Force that once again brings the large cast of warriors from the Warring States period, and allows you to shape their future as you see fit. DW8E can seem daunting at first, as the game doesn't really have a true tutorial system to teach you how to play the game. The fact that... Read Review

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    Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review

    Mike Splechta Feb 24, 2015