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Ancient grudge and new mutiny bring an end to the four hundred year reign of the Han dynasty. The once noble empire of China crumbles into three warring states. In this latest installment of the Dynasty Warriors saga, honor and loyalty in the face of adversity serve as game

Dynasty Warriors 4 Cheats

Unlock all Shu Generals

Unlock Playstation 2
To unlock all Shu Generals enter the following code at the main menu: R2, R2, L1, L1, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle

Unlock all Generals

Unlock Playstation 2
To unlock all Generals enter the following code at the main menu: R2, R2, L1, L2, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

Unlock all Wu Generals

Unlock Playstation 2
To unlock all Shu Generals enter the following code at the main menu: R2, R2, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square

Unlock alternate costumes

Unlock Playstation 2
To unlock all Shu Generals enter the following code at the main menu: L1, L1, R2, R2, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

Game Shark Codes

Unlock Playstation 2
Enable codes F442BE34 3674441E Infinite Life (Player 1) 1490B779 36780534 1490BF6C 3E70053C Infinite Musou (Player 1) 1490B768 377045A4 1480BF69 3670458C Infinite Arrows (Player 1) 1400B468 3C70457E Infinite Max Knockout Count (Player 1) 14101032 B5F0935E Infinite Life (Player 2) 14909479 36F80734 14909C6C 3EF0073C Infinite Musou (Player 2) 14909468 37F047A4 14809C69 36F0478C Infinite Arrows (Player 2) 14409068 3CF0D10A Infinite Max Knockout Count (Player 2) 14103273 B5F0851E Unlock Characters: Zhao Yun 04501728 3470C11C Unlock Characters: Dan Wei 04501428 34F0C11C Unlock Characters: Xu Zhu 04501728 34F0C10C Unlock Characters: Zhou Yu 04501728 34F0C19C Unlock Characters: Lu Xun 04501528 34F0C18C Unlock Characters: Taishi Ci 04101628 3470C11C Unlock Characters: Diao Chan 04101428 3470C10C Unlock Characters: Zhuge Liang 04101428 3470C19C Unlock Characters: Lu Bu 04101528 3470C11C Unlock Characters: Sun Quan 04101728 34F0C11C Unlock Characters: Dong Zhuo 04101528 34F0C10C Unlock Characters: Yuan Shao 04101528 34F0C19C Unlock Characters: Ma Chao 04503628 3470C38C Unlock Characters: Huang Zhong 04503428 3470C31C Unlock Characters: Zhang Liao 04503728 3470C39C Unlock Characters: Sim Yi 04503528 3470C38C Unlock Characters: Lu Meng 04503628 34F0C31C Unlock Characters: Gan Ning 04503428 34F0C30C Unlock Characters: Jiang Wei 04503428 34F0C39C Unlock Characters: Zhang Jiao 04503728 34F0C38C Unlock Characters: Xu Huang 04503528 34F0C31C Unlock Characters: Zhang He 04103628 3470C30C Unlock Characters: Zhen Ji-Wei 04103628 3470C39C Unlock Characters: Sun Ce 04103728 3470C31C Unlock Characters: Wei Yan 04103528 3470C30C Unlock Characters: Pang Tong 04103528 3470C39C Unlock Characters: Meng Huo 04103628 34F0C38C Unlock Characters: Zhu Rong 04103428 34F0C31C Unlock Characters: Da Qiao 04103728 34F0C30C Unlock Characters: Xiao Qiao 04103728 34F0C39C Unlock Characters: Cao Ren 04103528 34F0C38C Unlock Characters: Zhou Tai 04501628 3470C31C Unlock Characters: Yue Ying 04501428 3470C30C Max Life (Zhao Yun) 04401F2E BC70E11E Max Musou (Zhao Yun) 04401F2F BC70C11E Max Attack (Zhao Yun) 04401F2F BC70E11E Max Defense (Zhao Yun) 04401F2E BC70C13E Max Special (Zhao Yun) 04401F2F BC70C13E Max Rank (Zhao Yun) 24411F36 BD788896 Max Life (Guan Yu) 04401D2E BC70E10E Max Musou (Guan Yu) 04401D2F BC70C10E Max Attack (Guan Yu) 04401D2F BC70E10E Max Defense (Guan Yu) 04401D2E BC70C12E Max Special (Guan Yu) 04401D2F BC70C12E Max Rank (Guan Yu) 24411D36 BD788886 Max Life (Zhang Fei) 04401D2E BC70E19E Max Musou (Zhang Fei) 04401D2F BC70C19E Max Attack (Zhang Fei) 04401D2F BC70E19E Max Defense (Zhang Fei) 04401D2E BC70C1BE Max Special (Zhang Fei) 04401D2F BC70C1BE Max Rank (Zhang Fei) 24411E36 BDF88816 Max Life (Xiahou Dun) 04401E2E BCF0E18E Max Musou (Xiahou Dun) 04401E2F BCF0C18E Max Attack (Xiahou Dun) 04401E2F BCF0E18E Max Defense (Xiahou Dun) 04401E2E BCF0C1AE Max Special (Xiahou Dun) 04401E2F BCF0C1AE Max Rank (Xiahou Dun) 24411C36 BDF88806 Max Life (Dian Wei) 04401C2E BCF0E11E Max Musou (Dian Wei) 04401C2F BCF0C11E Max Attack (Dian Wei) 04401C2F BCF0E11E Max Defense (Dian Wei) 04401C2E BCF0C13E Max Special (Dian Wei) 04401C2F BCF0C13E Max Rank (Dian Wei) 24411C36 BDF88896 Max Life (Xu Zhu) 04401F2E BCF0E10E Max Musou (Xu Zhu) 04401F2F BCF0C10E Max Attack (Xu Zhu) 04401F2F BCF0E10E Max Defense (Xu Zhu) 04401F2E BCF0C12E Max Special (Xu Zhu) 04401F2F BCF0C12E Max Rank (Xu Zhu) 24411F36 BDF88886 Max Life (Zhou Yu) 04401F2E BCF0E19E Max Musou (Zhou Yu) 04401F2F BCF0C19E Max Attack (Zhou Yu) 04401F2F BCF0E19E Max Defense (Zhou Yu) 04401F2E BCF0C1BE Max Special (Zhou Yu) 04401F2F BCF0C1BE Max Rank (Zhou Yu) 24411D36 BDF88816 Max Life (Lu Xun) 04401D2E BCF0E18E Max Musou (Lu Xun) 04401D2F BCF0C18E Max Attack (Lu Xun) 04401D2F BCF0E18E Max Defense (Lu Xun) 04401D2E BCF0C1AE Max Special (Lu Xun) 04401D2F BCF0C1AE Max Rank (Lu Xun) 24011E36 BD788806 Max Life (Taishi Ci) 04101628 3470E11C Max Musou (Taishi Ci) 04001E2F BC70C11E Max Attack (Taishi Ci) 04001E2F BC70E11E Max Defense (Taishi Ci) 04001E2E BC70C13E Max Special (Taishi Ci) 04001E2F BC70C13E Max Rank (Taishi Ci) 24011E36 BD788896 Max Life (Diao Chan) 04001C2E BC70E10E Max Musou (Diao Chan) 04001C2F BC70C10E Max Attack (Diao Chan) 04001C2F BC70E10E Max Defense (Diao Chan) 04001C2E BC70C12E Max Special (Diao Chan) 04001C2F BC70C12E Max Rank (Diao Chan) 24011C36 BD788886 Max Life (Zhuge Liang) 04001C2E BC70E19E Max Musou (Zhuge Liang) 04001C2F BC70C19E Max Attack (Zhuge Liang) 04001C2F BC70E19E Max Defense (Zhuge Liang) 04001C2E BC70C1BE Max Special (Zhuge Liang) 04001C2F BC70C1BE Max Rank (Zhuge Liang) 24011F36 BD788816 Max Life (Cao Cao) 04101728 3470E18C Max Musou (Cao Cao) 04001F2F BC70C18E Max Attack (Cao Cao) 04001F2F BC70E18E Max Defense (Cao Cao) 04001F2E BC70C1AE Max Special (Cao Cao) 04001F2F BC70C1AE Max Rank (Cao Cao) 24011D36 BD788806 Max Life (Lu Bu) 04001D2E BC70E11E Max Musou (Lu Bu) 04001D2F BC70C11E Max Attack (Lu Bu) 04001D2F BC70E11E Max Defense (Lu Bu) 04001D2E BC70C13E Max Special (Lu Bu) 04001D2F BC70C13E Max Rank (Lu Bu) 24011D36 BD788896 Max Life (Sun Shang Xiang) 04001E2E BCF0E10E Max Musou (Sun Shang Xiang) 04001E2F BCF0C10E Max Attack (Sun Shang Xiang) 04001E2F BCF0E10E Max Defense (Sun Shang Xiang) 04001E2E BCF0C12E Max Special (Sun Shang Xiang) 04001E2F BCF0C12E Max Rank (Sun Shang Xiang) 24011E36 BDF88886 Max Life (Liu Bei) 04001E2E BCF0E19E Max Musou (Liu Bei) 04001E2F BCF0C19E Max Attack (Liu Bei) 04001E2F BCF0E19E Max Defense (Liu Bei) 04001E2E BCF0C1BE Max Special (Liu Bei) 04001E2F BCF0C1BE Max Rank (Liu Bei) 24011C36 BDF88816 Max Life (Sun Jian) 04001C2E BCF0E18E Max Musou (Sun Jian) 04001C2F BCF0C18E Max Attack (Sun Jian) 04001C2F BCF0E18E Max Defense (Sun Jian) 04001C2E BCF0C1AE Max Special (Sun Jian) 04001C2F BCF0C1AE Max Rank (Sun Jian) 24011F36 BDF88806 Max Life (Sun Quan) 04001F2E BCF0E11E Max Musou (Sun Quan) 04001F2F BCF0C11E Max Attack (Sun Quan) 04001F2F BCF0E11E Max Defense (Sun Quan) 04001F2E BCF0C13E Max Special (Sun Quan) 04001F2F BCF0C13E Max Rank (Sun Quan) 24011F36 BDF88896 Max Life (Dong Zhuo) 04001D2E BCF0E10E Max Musou (Dong Zhuo) 04001D2F BCF0C10E Max Attack (Dong Zhuo) 04001D2F BCF0E10E Max Defense (Dong Zhuo) 04001D2E BCF0C12E Max Special (Dong Zhuo) 04001D2F BCF0C12E Max Rank (Dong Zhuo) 24011D36 BDF88886 Max life (Yuan Shao) 04001D2E BCF0E19E Max Musou (Yuan Shao) 04001D2F BCF0C19E Max Attack (Yuan Shao) 04001D2F BCF0E19E Max Defense (Yuan Shao) 04001D2E BCF0C1BE Max Special (Yuan Shao) 04001D2F BCF0C1BE Max Rank (Yuan Shao) 24413E36 BD788A16 Max Life (Ma Chao) 04403E2E BC70E38E Max Musou (Ma Chao) 04403E2F BC70C38E Max Attack (Ma Chao) 04403E2F BC70E38E Max Defense (Ma Chao) 04403E2E BC70C3AE Max Special (Ma Chao) 04403E2F BC70C3AE Max Rank (Ma Chao) 24413C36 BD788A06 Max Life (Huang Zhong) 04403C2E BC70E31E Max Musou (Huang Zhong) 04403C2F BC70C31E Max Attack (Huang Zhong) 04403C2F BC70E31E Max Defense (Huang Zhong) 04403C2E BC70C33E Max Special (Huang Zhong) 04403C2F BC70C33E Max Rank (Huang Zhong) 24413C36 BD788A96 Max Life (Xiahou Yuan) 04403F2E BC70E30E Max Musou (Xiahou Yuan) 04403F2F BC70C30E Max Attack (Xiahou Yuan) 04403F2F BC70E30E Max Defense (Xiahou Yuan) 04403F2E BC70C32E Max Special (Xiahou Yuan) 04403F2F BC70C32E Max Rank (Xiahou Yuan) 24413F36 BD788A86 Max Life (Zhang Liao) 04403F2E BC70E39E Max Musou (Zhang Liao) 04403F2F BC70C39E Max Attack (Zhang Liao) 04403F2F BC70E39E Max Defense (Zhang Liao) 04403F2E BC70C3BE Max Special (Zhang Liao) 04403F2F BC70C3BE Max Rank (Zhang Liao) 24413D36 BD788A16 Max Life (Sim Yi) 04403D2E BC70E38E Max Musou (Sim Yi) 04403D2F BC70C38E Max Attack (Sim Yi) 04403D2F BC70E38E Max Defense (Sim Yi) 04403D2E BC70C3AE Max Special (Sim Yi) 04403D2F BC70C3AE Max Rank (Sim Yi) 24413E36 BDF88A06 Max Life (Lu Meng) 04403E2E BCF0E31E Max Musou (Lu Meng) 04403E2F BCF0C31E Max Attack (Lu Meng) 04403E2F BCF0E31E Max Defense (Lu Meng) 04403E2E BCF0C33E Max Special (Lu Meng) 04403E2F BCF0C33E Max Rank (Lu Meng) 24413E36 BDF88A96 Max Life (Gan Ning) 04403C2E BCF0E30E Max Musou (Gan Ning) 04403C2F BCF0C30E Max Attack (Gan Ning) 04403C2F BCF0E30E Max Defense (Gan Ning) 04403C2E BCF0C32E Max Special (Gan Ning) 04403C2F BCF0C32E Max Rank (Gan Ning) 24413C36 BDF88A86 Max Life (Jiang Wei) 04403C2E BCF0E39E Max Musou (Jiang Wei) 04403C2F BCF0C39E Max Attack (Jiang Wei) 04403C2F BCF0E39E Max Defense (Jiang Wei) 04403C2E BCF0C3BE Max Special (Jiang Wei) 04403C2F BCF0C3BE Max Rank (Jiang Wei) 24413F36 BDF88A16 Max Life (Zhang Jiao) 04403F2E BCF0E38E Max Musou (Zhang Jiao) 04403F2F BCF0C38E Max Attack (Zhang Jiao) 04403F2F BCF0E38E Max Defense (Zhang Jiao) 04403F2E BCF0C3AE Max Rank (Zhang Jiao) 24413D36 BDF88A06 Max Life (Xu Huang) 04403D2E BCF0E31E Max Musou (Xu Huang) 04403D2F BCF0C31E Max Attack (Xu Huang) 04403D2F BCF0E31E Max Defense (Xu Huang) 04403D2E BCF0C33E Max Special (Xu Huang) 04403D2F BCF0C33E Max Rank (Xu Huang) 24013D36 BDF88A96 Max Life (Zhang He) 04003E2E BC70E30E Max Musou (Zhang He) 04003E2F BC70C30E Max Attack (Zhang He) 04003E2F BC70E30E Max Defense (Zhang He) 04003E2E BC70C32E Max Special (Zhang He) 04003E2F BC70C32E Max Rank (Zhang He) 24013E36 BD788A86 Max Life (Zhen Ji-Wei) 04003E2E BC70E39E Max Musou (Zhen Ji-Wei) 04403E2F BC70C39E Max Attack (Zhen Ji-Wei) 04403E2F BC70E39E Max Defense (Zhen Ji-Wei) 04403E2E BC70C3BE Max Special (Zhen Ji-Wei) 04403E2F BC70C3BE Max Rank (Zhen Ji-Wei) 24013C36 BD788A16 Max Life (Huang Gai) 04003C2E BC70E38E Max Musou (Huang Gai) 04003C2F BC70C38E Max Attack (Huang Gai) 04003C2F BC70E38E Max Defense (Huang Gai) 04003C2E BC70C3AE Max Special (Huang Gai) 04003C2F BC70C3AE Max Rank (Huang Gai) 24013F36 BD788A06 Max Life (Sun Ce) 04003F2E BC70E31E Max Musou (Sun Ce) 04003F2F BC70C31E Max Attack (Sun Ce) 04003F2F BC70E31E Max Defense (Sun Ce) 04003F2E BC70C33E Max Special (Sun Ce) 04003F2F BC70C33E Max Rank (Sun Ce) 24013F36 BD788A96 Max Life (Wei Yan) 04003D2E BC70E30E Max Musou (Wei Yan) 04003D2F BC70C30E Max Attack (Wei Yan) 04003D2F BC70E30E Max Defense (Wei Yan) 04003D2E BC70C32E Max Special (Wei Yan) 04003D2F BC70C32E Max Rank (Wei Yan) 24013D36 BD788A86 Max Life (Pang Tong) 04103528 3470E39C Max Musou (Pang Tong) 04003D2F BC70C39E Max Attack (Pang Tong) 04003D2F BC70E39E Max Defense (Pang Tong) 04003D2E BC70C3BE Max Special (Pang Tong) 04003D2F BC70C3BE Max Rank (Pang Tong) 24013E36 BDF88A16 Max Life (Meng Huo) 04003E2E BCF0E38E Max Musou (Meng Huo) 04003E2F BCF0C38E Max Attack (Meng Huo) 04003E2F BCF0E38E Max Defense (Meng Huo) 04003E2E BCF0C3AE Max Special (Meng Huo) 04003E2F BCF0C3AE Max Rank (Meng Huo) 24013C36 BDF88A06 Max Life (Zhu Rong) 04003C2E BCF0E31E Max Musou (Zhu Rong) 04003C2F BCF0C31E Max Attack (Zhu Rong) 04003C2F BCF0E31E Max Defense (Zhu Rong) 04003C2E BCF0C33E Max Special (Zhu Rong) 04003C2F BCF0C33E Max Rank (Zhu Rong) 24013C36 BDF88A96 Max life (Da Qiao) 04003F2E BCF0E30E Max Musou (Da Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0C30E Max Attack (Da Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0E30E Max Defense (Da Qiao) 04003F2E BCF0C32E Max Special (Da Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0C32E Max Rank (Da Qiao) 24013F36 BDF88A86 Max Life (Xiao Qiao) 04003F2E BCF0E39E Max Musou (Xiao Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0C39E Max Attack (Xiao Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0E39E Max Defense (Xiao Qiao) 04003F2E BCF0C3BE Max Special (Xiao Qiao) 04003F2F BCF0C3BE Max Rank (Xiao Qiao) 24013D36 BDF88A16 Max Life (Cao Ren) 04003D2E BCF0E38E Max Musou (Cao Ren) 04003D2F BCF0C38E Max Attack (Cao Ren) 04003D2F BCF0E38E Max Defense (Cao Ren) 04003D2E BCF0C3AE Max Special (Cao Ren) 04003D2F BCF0C3AE Max Rank (Cao Ren) 24411E36 BD788A06 Max Life (Zhou Tai) 04401E2E BC70E31E Max Musou (Zhou Tai) 04401E2F BC70C31E Max Attack (Zhou Tai) 04401E2F BC70E31E Max Defense (Zhou Tai) 04401E2E BC70C33E Max Special (Zhou Tai) 04401E2F BC70C33E Max Rank (Zhou Tai) 24411E36 BD788A96 Max Life (Yue Ying) 04401C2E BC70E30E Max Musou (Yue Ying) 04401C2F BC70C30E Max Attack (Yue Ying) 04401C2F BC70E30E Max Defense (Yue Ying) 04401C2E BC70C32E Max Special (Yue Ying) 04401C2F BC70C32E Max Rank (Yue Ying) 24411C36 BD788A86 Have All Items 14803631 3CF0D02E 44113628 30E0D11C 5974D2F9 8BA9B1C0 14803430 3CF0D02E Have Harnesses: Elephant Harness 04903628 34F0F1BC Have Harnesses: Hex Mark Harness 04903629 34F0D19C Have Harnesses: Hex Mark Harness 04903629 34F0D19C Have Harnesses: Red Hare Harness 04903628 34F0F19C Have Harnesses: Shadow Harness 04903628 34F0D1BC Have Harnesses: Storm Harness 04903629 34F0F19C Have Orbs: Blast Orb 04803629 3CF0F1AE Have Orbs: Fire Orb 04803629 3CF0F18E Have Orbs: Ice Orb 04803629 3CF0D1AE Have Orbs: Lightning Orb 04803628 3CF0D1AE Have Orbs: Poison Orb 04803628 3CF0D19E Have Orbs: Vorpal Orb 04803628 3CF0F1AE Have Special Items: Art Of War 04903629 34F0D1BC Have Special Items: Bodyguard Manual 04903428 34F0D10C Have Special Items: Cavalry Armor 04803629 3CF0F13E Have Special Items: Charge Bracer 04903428 34F0F12C Have Special Items: Dragon Amulet 04803629 3CF0F12E Have Special Items: Elixir 04803628 3CF0F18E Have Special Items: Fire Arrows 04903428 34F0D12C Have Special Items: Herbal Remedy 04803629 3CF0D18E Have Special Items: Horned Helm 04803629 3CF0D13E Have Special Items: Huang's Bow 04803628 3CF0D13E Have Special Items: Nanman Armor 04803628 3CF0F13E Have Special Items: Peacock Urn 04803629 3CF0D12E Have Special Items: Power Scroll 04903429 34F0D10C Have Special Items: Seven Star Sash 04803628 3CF0D18E Have Special Items: Speed Scroll 04803629 3CF0D11E Have Special Items: Survival Guide 04903629 34F0F1BC Have Special Items: Tiger Amulet 04803628 3CF0D11E Have Special Items: Tortoise Amulet 04803628 3CF0F11E Have Special Items: Way Of Musou 04903428 34F0F10C Have Special Items: Wind Scroll 04903429 34F0F10C Have Special Items: Wing Boots 04803629 3CF0F11E

Unlock all weapons

Unlock Playstation 2
Enter the following code at the main menu: R2, R2, L1, L2, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square


Unlock Playstation 2
Enter the following code at the main menu: R2, L1, R2, L2, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square

Unlock all Wei Generals

Unlock Playstation 2
To unlock all Wei Generals enter the following code at the main menu: R2, R2, L1, L2, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

Important Item Co Ordinates

Unlock Playstation 2
Below is a list of important items followed by the Co-Ordinates they can be found at; Minerals 72, 1 Gold 75, 1 Platinum 79, 1 Gem stones 83, 1 Alien items 84, 1 Refugees from Super Nova 88, 1 Important thargoid doc 8C, 1 Clean legal status 97, 1 Harmless (Elite ranking) 97, 0-08 E.C.M. system jammer; press L to toggle 3C, 1


Unlock Playstation 2
Finsh the game under these conditions. Finish with Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun then press Left at the character selection screen Lets you fight as Zhuge Liang Finish the game with all characters except Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun Let you fight as Cao Cao Finish the game with Zhuge Liang and Cao Cao Lets you fight as Lu Bu Enable Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, and Lu Bu then quickly press Down(2), Right, Up, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2 at the title screen. Lets you fight as Toukichi Enable Lu Bu. Quickly press Square, Up, Triangle, Down, Circle at the title screen. Lets you fight as Nobunaga Enter these codes in at the one player battle screen. Quickly press Left(2), Up, Down, Triangle, Square, L1, R1 Lets you fight as Sun Shang Xiang when you press L1 or L2 on the Character select screen