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Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends delves deeper into the game world of Dynasty Warriors, taking in opinions and suggestions from users and fans. Discover the story of Lu Bu! Assign other playable characters as your bodyguards! Test the limits of your tactical action skills! All these and more are available in this new addition to the Dynast Warriors Universe!

Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends Cheats

BGM Test Option

Unlock Playstation 2
At the main menu, press: Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, L1, R2, R2, L2

Level Select

Unlock Playstation 2
At the main menu, press: R2, R2, L2, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L1

All FMV Sequences

Unlock Playstation 2
At the main menu, press: L1, Triangle, R2, Triangle, L2, Square, R2, Square

Unlock All Shu Kingdom Warriors

Unlock Playstation 2
At the title screen press: L1, Square, Triangle, R2, L1, L2, L2, R2

Game Shark Codes

Unlock Playstation 2
Enable Codes 0E3C7DF21645EBB3 0C0C4C1FF88C8A6B Have All Movies 3C298F53F8BFFFFF Enable Opening Option 2C298F51F8FCFFFF All Characters 3C298F2BF9FDFDF1 3C298F2FF9FDFDF1 3C298F33F9FDFDF1 3C298F37F9FDFDF1 3C298F3BF9FDFDF1 3C298F3FF9FDFDF1 3C298F43F9FDFDF1 3C298F47F9FDFDF1 3C298F4BF9FDFDF1 1C298F4FF8FCFEF1 All Levels/Sides 3C298FEFFFFFFFFF 3C298FF3FFFFFFFF 3C298FF7FFFFFFFF 3C298FFBFFFFFFFF 3C298FFFFFFFFFFF 3C298F03FFFFFFFF 3C298F07FFFFFFFF 3C298F0BFFFFFFFF 3C298F0FFFFFFFFF 3C298F13FFFFFFFF 3C298F17FFFFFFFF 3C298F1BFFFFFFFF 3C298F1FFFFFFFFF 3C298F23FFFFFFFF 3C298F27FFFFFFFF Speed Scroll +50 2C298697F8FC2CFE Speed Scroll +20 2C298697F8FCCAFE Wing Boots +50 2C298699F8FC2CF1 Wing Boots +20 2C298699F8FCCAF1 Dragon Amulet +50 2C29869BF8FC2CF0 Dragon Amulet +20 2C29869BF8FCCAF0 Peacock Urn +50 2C29869DF8FC2CF3 Peacock Urn +20 2C29869DF8FCCAF3 Tiger Amulet +50 2C29869FF8FC2CF2 Tiger Amulet +20 2C29869FF8FCCAF2 Tortoise Amulet +50 2C2986A1F8FC2CF5 Tortoise Amulet +20 2C2986A1F8FCCAF5 Huang's Bow +50 2C2986A3F8FC2CF4 Huang's Bow +20 2C2986A3F8FCCAF4 Shell Armor +50 2C2986A5F8FC2CF7 Shell Armor +20 2C2986A5F8FCCAF7 Horned Helm +50 2C2986A7F8FC2CF6 Horned Helm +20 2C2986A7F8FCCAF6 Cavalry Armor +50 2C2986A9F8FC2C09 Cavalry Armor +20 2C2986A9F8FCCA09 Seven Star Orb +50 2C2986ABF8FC2C08 Seven Star Orb +20 2C2986ABF8FCCA08 Wind Scroll +50 2C2986ADF8FC2C0B Wind Scroll +20 2C2986ADF8FCCA0B Elixir +50 2C2986AFF8FC2C0A Elixir +20 2C2986AFF8FCCA0A Red Hare Saddle 2C2986B1F8FCCF0D Hex Mark Saddle 2C2986B3F8FCFD0C Imperial Saddle 2C2986B5F8FCFD0F The Art of War 2C2986B7F8FCFD0E Bodyguard Manual 2C2986B9F8FCFD01 The Way of Musou 2C2986BBF8FCFD00 Survival Guide 2C2986BDF8FCFD03 Defender 2C2986BFF8FCFD02 Fire Arrows 2C2986C1F8FCFD05 Buckler 2C2986C3F8FCFD04 Power Scroll 2C2986C5F8FCFD07 Gold Harness 2C2986C7F8FCFD06 Have Basic Steel Sword 2C2987E5F8FCFDF1 Have Basic Long Sword 2C298705F8FCFBF3 Have Basic Great Scimitar 2C298725F8FCF9F5 Have Basic Long Spear 2C298745F8FCC7F7 Have Basic Great Halberd 2C298765F8FCC509 Have Basic Strike Axe 2C298785F8FCC30B Have Basic Spiked Club 2C2987A5F8FCC10D Have Basic Wing Sabers 2C2987C5F8FCCF0F Have Basic Spiral Rods 2C2988E5F8FCCD01 Have Basic Great Mace 2C298805F8FCCB03 Have Basic Crescent Chakram 2C298845F8FCD707 Have Basic Warlord Fan 2C298825F8FCC905 Have Basic War Axe 2C298865F8FCD519 Have Basic Steel Claw 2C298885F8FCD31B Have Basic Steel Flute 2C2988A5F8FCD11D Have Basic Steel Rod 2C2988C5F8FCDF1F Have Basic Studded Tonfa 2C2989E5F8FCDD11 Have Basic Strike Voulge 2C298905F8FCDB13 Have Basic Mirage Staff 2C298925F8FCD915 Have Basic Beast Gauntlet 2C298945F8FC2717 Have Basic Hawk Boomerang 2C298965F8FC2529 Have Basic Violet Fans 2C298985F8FC232B Have Basic Great Sword 2C2989A5F8FC212D Have Basic Swift Rapier 2C2989C5F8FC2F2F Have Basic Dragon Spear 2C298AD5F8FC2E2E Have Basic Blue Dragon 2C298AE5F8FC2D21 Have Basic Snake Blade 2C298AF5F8FC2C20 Have Basic Kirin Sword 2C298A05F8FC2B23 Have Basic Bull 2C298A15F8FC2A22 Have Basic Bone Crusher 2C298A25F8FC2925 Have Basic Elder Sword 2C298A35F8FC2824 Have Basic Eagle 2C298A45F8FC3727 Have Basic Wolf Slayer 2C298A55F8FC3626 Have Basic Gold Orb 2C298A65F8FC3539 Have Basic White Feather 2C298A75F8FC3438 Have Basic Sword of Heaven 2C298A85F8FC333B Have Basic Sky Piercer 2C298A95F8FC323A Have Basic Luna Charm 2C298AA5F8FC313D Have Basic Gold Dragon 2C298AB5F8FC303C Have Basic Lone Wolf 2C298AC5F8FC3F3F Have Basic King Wolf 2C298BD5F8FC3E3E Have Basic Star Sword 2C298BE5F8FC3D31 Have Basic Master Sword 2C298BF5F8FC3C30 Have Basic Steel Stallion 2C298B05F8FC3B33 Have Basic Sage Sword 2C298B15F8FC3A32 Have Basic Demon Sword 2C298B25F8FC3935 Have Basic Dragon Blade 2C298B35F8FC3834 Have Basic Black Feather 2C298B45F8FC0737 Have Basic Tiger Hook 2C298B55F8FC0636 Have Basic River Master 2C298B65F8FC0549 Have Basic Vapor 2C298B75F8FC0448 Have Basic Staff of Fire 2C298B85F8FC034B Have Basic Destroyer 2C298B95F8FC024A Have Basic Peacock Claw 2C298BA5F8FC014D Have Basic Moon Flute 2C298BB5F8FC004C Have Basic Shadow Rod 2C298BC5F8FC0F4F Have Basic Conqueror 2C298CD5F8FC0E4E Have Basic Double Star 2C298CE5F8FC0D41 Have Basic Staff of Wind 2C298CF5F8FC0C40 Have Basic Beast Master 2C298C05F8FC0B43 Have Basic Fire Wheel 2C298C15F8FC0A42 Have Basic Beauty 2C298C25F8FC0945 Have Basic Grace 2C298C35F8FC0844 Have Basic Holy Avenger 2C298C45F8FC1747 Have Basic Celestial Blade 2C298C55F8FC1646 Have Basic Fierce Dragon 2C298C65F8FC1559 Have Basic Blue Moon Dragon 2C298C75F8FC1458 Have Basic Viper Blade 2C298C85F8FC135B Have Basic Kirin Fang 2C298C95F8FC125A Have Basic Mad Bull 2C298CA5F8FC115D Have Basic Stone Crusher 2C298CB5F8FC105C Have Basic Ancients Sword 2C298CC5F8FC1F5F Have Basic Falcon 2C298DD5F8FC1E5E Have Basic Tiger Slayer 2C298DE5F8FC1D51 Have Basic Gold Globe 2C298DF5F8FC1C50 Have Basic Peacock Feather 2C298D05F8FC1B53 Have Basic Wrath of Heaven 2C298D15F8FC1A52 Have Basic Sky Scorcher 2C298D25F8FC1955 Have Basic Sol Chakram 2C298D35F8FC1854 Have Basic Gold Moon Dragon 2C298D45F8FC6757 Have Basic Savage Wolf 2C298D55F8FC6656 Have Basic Master Wolf 2C298D65F8FC6569 Have Basic Grand Star 2C298D75F8FC6468 Have Basic Grand Master 2C298D85F8FC636B Have Basic Steel Dragon 2C298D95F8FC626A Have Basic Oracle Sword 2C298DA5F8FC616D Have Basic Demon Fang 2C298DB5F8FC606C Have Basic Dragon Breath 2C298DC5F8FC6F6F Have Basic Dark Feather 2C298ED5F8FC6E6E Have Basic White Tiger 2C298EE5F8FC6D61 Have Basic Sea Master 2C298EF5F8FC6C60 Have Basic Blink 2C298E05F8FC6B63 Have Basic Volcano Staff 2C298E15F8FC6A62 Have Basic Marauder 2C298E25F8FC6965 Have Basic Peacock Talon 2C298E35F8FC6864 Have Basic Dark Moon Flute 2C298E45F8FC7767 Have Basic Black Shadow 2C298E55F8FC7666 Have Basic Overlord 2C298E65F8FC7579 Have Basic Double Comet 2C298E75F8FC7478 Have Basic Tornado Staff 2C298E85F8FC737B Have Basic King of Beasts 2C298E95F8FC727A Have Basic Magma Wheel 2C298EA5F8FC717D Have Basic True Beauty 2C298EB5F8FC707C Have Basic True Grace 2C298EC5F8FC7F7F Have Basic Fu Xi's Sword 2C298FD5F8FC7E7E Have Basic Nu Wa's Rapier 2C298FE5F8FC7D71 Inf Arrows-Yellow Turban EC2D8417F8FCFEFE 2C88567FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Yellow Turban EC2D8417F8FCFEFE 2C885681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEFE 2C885651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Yellow Turban EC2D8417F8FCFEFE 2C88564FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEFE 2C88564BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Hu Lao Gate EC2D8417F8FCFEF1 2C88367FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Hu Lao Gate EC2D8417F8FCFEF1 2C883681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF1 2C883651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Hu Lao Gate EC2D8417F8FCFEF1 2C88364FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF1 2C88364BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Attack on Liu Biao EC2D8417F8FCFEF0 2C87967FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Attack on Liu Biao EC2D8417F8FCFEF0 2C879681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF0 2C879651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Attack on Liu Biao EC2D8417F8FCFEF0 2C87964FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF0 2C87964BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Wan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E67FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Wan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Wan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E64FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E64BF8FCFEBA Inf Health-Wan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E64FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF3 2C87E64BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Wu Territory EC2D8417F8FCFEF2 2C87567FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Wu Territory EC2D8417F8FCFEF2 2C875681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF2 2C875651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Wu Territory EC2D8417F8FCFEF2 2C87564FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF2 2C87564BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Guan Du EC2D8417F8FCFEF5 2C88B67FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Guan Du EC2D8417F8FCFEF5 2C88B681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF5 2C88B651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Guan Du EC2D8417F8FCFEF5 2C88B64FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF5 2C88B64BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Guan Yu's Escape EC2D8417F8FCFEF4 2C882E7FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Guan Yu's Escape EC2D8417F8FCFEF4 2C882E81F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF4 2C882E51F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Guan Yu's Escape EC2D8417F8FCFEF4 2C882E4FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF4 2C882E4BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Chang Ban EC2D8417F8FCFEF7 2C87267FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Chang Ban EC2D8417F8FCFEF7 2C872681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF7 2C872651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Chang Ban EC2D8417F8FCFEF7 2C87264FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF7 2C87264BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Battle at Chi Bi EC2D8417F8FCFEF6 2C89DE7FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Battle at Chi Bi EC2D8417F8FCFEF6 2C89DE81F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF6 2C89DE51F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Battle at Chi Bi EC2D8417F8FCFEF6 2C89DE4FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFEF6 2C89DE4BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Cheng Du EC2D8417F8FCFE09 2C876E7FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Cheng Du EC2D8417F8FCFE09 2C876E81F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE09 2C876E51F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Cheng Du EC2D8417F8FCFE09 2C876E4FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE09 2C876E4BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Tong Gate EC2D8417F8FCFE08 2C87667FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Tong Gate EC2D8417F8FCFE08 2C876681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE08 2C876651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Tong Gate EC2D8417F8FCFE08 2C87664FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE08 2C87664BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Battle at He Fei EC2D8417F8FCFE0B 2C882E7FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Battle at He Fei EC2D8417F8FCFE0B 2C882E81F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0B 2C882E51F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Battle at He Fei EC2D8417F8FCFE0B 2C882E4FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0B 2C882E4BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Fan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE0A 2C89967FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Fan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE0A 2C899681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0A 2C899651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Fan Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE0A 2C89964FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0A 2C89964BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Mt. Ding Jun EC2D8417F8FCFE0D 2C87767FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Mt. Ding Jun EC2D8417F8FCFE0D 2C877681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0D 2C877651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Mt. Ding Jun EC2D8417F8FCFE0D 2C87764FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0D 2C87764BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Battle at Yi Ling EC2D8417F8FCFE0C 2C88567FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Battle at Yi Ling EC2D8417F8FCFE0C 2C885681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0C 2C885651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Battle at Yi Ling EC2D8417F8FCFE0C 2C88564FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0C 2C88564BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Nanman Campaign EC2D8417F8FCFE0F 2C88467FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Nanman Campaign EC2D8417F8FCFE0F 2C884681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0F 2C884651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Nanman Campaign EC2D8417F8FCFE0F 2C88464FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0F 2C88464BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Battle of Jie Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE0E 2C87667FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Battle of Jie Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE0E 2C876681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0E 2C876651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Battle of Jie Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE0E 2C87664FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE0E 2C87664BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Battle of You Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE01 2C87867FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Battle of You Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE01 2C878681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE01 2C878651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Battle of You Ting EC2D8417F8FCFE01 2C87864FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE01 2C87864BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-He Fei Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE00 2C88FE7FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-He Fei Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE00 2C88FE81F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE00 2C88FE51F8FCFEBA Inf Health-He Fei Castle EC2D8417F8FCFE00 2C88FE4FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE00 2C88FE4BF8FCFEBA Inf Arrows-Wu Zhang Plains EC2D8417F8FCFE03 2C87267FF8FCFE53 Inf Musou-Wu Zhang Plains EC2D8417F8FCFE03 2C872681F8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE03 2C872651F8FCFEBA Inf Health-Wu Zhang Plains EC2D8417F8FCFE03 2C87264FF8FCFEBA EC2D8417F8FCFE03 2C87264BF8FCFEBA Note: Codes that enable Characters, Levels and Items must be saved to the game data. Start a level, quit and save, and the items will appear in your inventory.

Secret Ending

Unlock Playstation 2
Enter the Options screen from the main menu and select the Opening Edit option. Highlight the Replay option, then hold: L1 + L2 + R2 + R2 and press X

Unlock All Wei Kingdom Warriors

Unlock Playstation 2
At the title screen press: Square, Triangle, L1, L2, R2, R2, L1, L2

Unlock All Wu Kingdom Warriors

Unlock Playstation 2
At the title screen press: Triangle, L1, Square, R2, R2, L1, L2, L2

Unlock All Warriors

Unlock Playstation 2
At the title screen press: Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L2