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Rusty Hearts Review

Perfect World's new free-to-play brawler is finally here. Vito Gesualdi finds out whether this multiplayer RPG beat-em-up is worth your money. Wait, it's free? Read More

Vito Gesualdi Sep 29, 2011 | Comments

Rusty Hearts Preview

I play a lot of MMORPGs. I wouldn’t say that I’m picky when it comes to them; I’ll try anything. It takes a really good game to keep me around Read More

Lance Liebl Jul 26, 2011 | Comments
Square Enix Announces Dungeon Siege III, Coming to Consoles

Square Enix Announces Dungeon Siege III, Coming to Consoles

With the ongoing reinvigoration of western-developed RPGs, classic franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Diablo are finding a new lease on life, not to mention critical acclaim. Now, another classic RPG series is finding its way into our hearts, as Square Enix has announced Dungeon Siege III. This announcement currently comes with its share of surprises. First, the game will be developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who most recently released the mediocre Alpha Protocol, while original creator Chris Taylor and his team at Gas Powered Games will remain advisors on the project. Second, it'll be the first installment to release on consoles as well as PC, as the game will be hitting the Xbox 360 and PS3. Finally, it'll be the first time we've heard from the Dungeon Siege series since Uwe Boll tried killing it off in his 2007 film adaptation. The biggest surprise of all, though? The game, a sequel to one of the most popular western-developed RPG series ever, will be published by the biggest Japanese RPG powerhouse. Read More

kombo Jun 7, 2010 | Comments
Rumor: Leaked Details for Wii's Legend of Zelda?

Rumor: Leaked Details for Wii's Legend of Zelda?

Since revealing the picture at right during the last E3, we have been starved for information about the newest adventure of Link. But The Legend of Zelda fansite Zelda Informer believes they might have have something interesting in the form of some rumors. Naturally, rumors breed skepticism, but they believe the source of these rumors to be a little more credible than most. That source is none other than 2ch, a Japanese message board whose rumors "more often than not turn out to be true." "First off, they were the first people to break the news and story for every single Kingdom Hearts game ever made, long before it was publicly released. They released all the news for Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 4 and 5, and pretty much every Square Enix RPG ever made. Interestingly enough, back in 2003, they also broke The Wind Waker's story roughly two months before release, and no, prerelease copies were apparently not out yet stateside. So the question needs to be asked: If the community there has been right so many times with rumors, then why can't they be right this time around?" I cannot say I've honestly kept track of their record; however, I do know I've found a fair share of Mega Man/Rockman news via scans and other things they've posted. That said, here is what 2ch is claiming, and you can judge for yourself how likely you believe it to be. Read More

kombo Jan 20, 2010 | Comments
Japan's Top 30 Games of '09

Japan's Top 30 Games of '09

As another year comes to a close, it's always fascinating to take a look at how the games of the past year stacked up in terms of sales. While I don't have North American or European stats for you, sales figures from Japan have hit the web and clearly favor Nintendo's Wii and DS platforms. Big shocker there. Hit the cut to see Japan's top 30 games of 2009. Read More

kombo Dec 28, 2009 | Comments