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Dungeon Defenders features a lovingly-rendered watercolor art style and allows up to 4 players, online or locally, to take one of four distinct classes into fierce battle against ever-increasing waves of baddies and bosses across 15 arenas and multiple modes. Developed by Trendy Entertainment using Epic Games’ award-winning Unreal Engine 3, Dungeon Defenders throws action-RPG and tower defense gameplay into the proverbial blender to create a seamless mix of leveling, looting and high-action territorial combat for casual and core players alike.

Dungeon Defenders Review

I have to admit that I rarely revisit games I have to review. It's not that I don't enjoy them (unless they're truly abysmal), but once I plow through them, it makes them kind of hard to pick up again. Enter Dungeon Defenders, a game that blends two genres together so well that it has literally become my addiction. Dungeon Defenders' premise is quite simple. A band of four heroes go against the odds to save the lands of Etheria by venturing through various areas that are constantly being overrun by goblins, trolls, ogres, wyverns, and other nasty beasties. Each area houses an Eternia Crystal that the monsters are drawn to, and it's up to you to place down defenses which will stop them in their tracks, as well as get your hands dirty and enter the battlefield... Read Review

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