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Robert Workman Apr 16, 2012 | Comments

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It's not often that you have to wait eleven years to play a video game, and before you get ahead of yourself, no, this isn't a review of Duke Nukem F Read More

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Gearbox Owns Duke Nukem

Gearbox Owns Duke Nukem

Gearbox had a late panel during this past weekend's Penny Arcade Expo where they revealed that not only are they finishing Duke Nukem Forever, but they now own Duke Nukem... forever. The company behind the recent Borderlands game purchased the rights to the franchise from 3D Realms.  "Gearbox was handpicked as the new home for Duke Nukem because of their continued passion, commitment and long-time heritage with the brand and 3D Realms," said Scott Miller of 3D Realms, the now former owners of Duke Nukem. "Gearbox and Duke Nukem make for a devastating match made in video game heaven. The gaming community's love and demand for the Duke Nukem brand never wavered and Gearbox will not disappoint them. As you have seen from titles such as Borderlands, Gearbox will bring the right level of addictively compelling gameplay, humor and high powered explosive action to the franchise. Duke Nukem is back and will be bigger than ever." Read More

kombo Sep 5, 2010 | Comments
Kombo\'s Weekly News Round-Up

Kombo\'s Weekly News Round-Up

  We had a huge week of exclusives here at Kombo, and on top of that, tons of news.  Leading our foray of weekly news and features was a double-whammy as we had an opportunity to play both Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops.   Our own Mike Rougeau was able to go to San Francisco for a two-day event where he was able to play through the entire single-player campaign of Halo: Reach and he was able to play an entire day's worth of multiplayer.    In addition, the famous Jeff Grubb was able to get his hands on the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops for the first time. Get the previews and news after the break. Read More

kombo Sep 4, 2010 | Comments