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He's the most ruthless crime lord to ever prowl the streets of the City by the Bay. His name is Charles Jericho, and he certainly did not bring his heart to San Francisco. Now the fate of the sunny city rests in the hands of one man: a detective, a hero, a Driver. John Tanner has put hundreds of criminals behind bars and chased injustice out of many a city, but this mission poses a threat like no other — and could be his last. Step into the driver's seat as the hardened detective and get ready for a relentless manhunt that could end either with the restoration of justice or the setting of the sun on the Golden Gate Bridge forever.

Driver: San Francisco Review

Driver: San Francisco's announcement had me worried. The original Driver was a revolutionary game that combined an intense and gripping storyline with an open world setting. The games got progressively worse, and though Parallel Lines was a decent return to the series' roots, it wasn't the game that I originally fell in love with. So when I found out that the new Driver had a feature that grants you the ability to switch -or Shift- from car to car, essentially taking over the current person that's driving it, I was dumbfounded. Turns out that it is hands down one of the most innovative and fun aspects of the entire game. John Tanner is not having a good day. Taking place after the events of Driver 3, Jericho has been taken into custody but has much bigger plans.... Read Review

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