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Driveclub is a first-person driving simulator that emphasizes team-based racing. In it, you'll race drive the very best cars in the world, in the best locations in the world. Driveclub places a heavy emphasis on team as it rewards you for playin gin groups. It also utilizes the PlayStation 4's "Share" feature for videos and images.    

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Evolution Studios' decision to delay Driveclub nearly an entire year was probably a smart move. Granted, we only got a few short glimpses at the game throughout its delay, but the end result is a highly polished and gorgeous racing game. It's also easily one of the more social racing games out there, save for the recently released Forza Horizon 2. That's easily one of Driveclub's strongest features, one that has you constantly one-upping other players in various sections of the track. However, it will have a tough time sitting alongside the established giants of  like Forza and Gran Turismo, and even Need for Speed. That's not to say that Driveclub is a racing sim. Far from it actually. It's as arcade as a racing game can get. Most of the cars... Read Review

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