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Dreamfall lands onto Xbox Originals March 24th

Dreamfall lands onto Xbox Originals March 24th

Standing next to Halo and Ninja Gaiden Black, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey would look quite small. Fortunately, it seems Microsoft has had the foresight to release other overlooked yet critically acclaimed games on their Xbox Originals service like Pyschonauts to keep it in good company. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is the sequel to The Longest Journey which saw release exclusively on PC in 1999. In Dreamfall, players take the protagonist Zoe through a bareen divide between two battling realms; technology-driven Stark, and fantasy-world Arcadia. Taking pride in its adventure classification, Dreamfall takes players through amazing puzzles and horrible combat, while telling a wonderfully told narrative. One might suspect that Dreamfall is appearing on Xbox Originals in order to bring players up to speed for a planned episodic sequel entitled: Dreamfall Chapters. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey costs 1,200 MS Points ($15). Read More

kombo Mar 21, 2008 | Comments