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Dreamcast Collection Lineup Announced...

  This morning, Sega released the lineup for its upcoming Xbox 360 and PC-exclusive Dreamcast Collection, and it's pretty much what the pessimists were expecting. Hit the jump for details on the games that made the cut. Read More


Leaked SEGA Document Describes Game Line-Up, Motion Control Date, and PSN Imports

It appears that the SEGA-Sony document which was leaked earlier today ("allegedly," Kotaku notes) was a doozie. In addition to the talk of PlayStation 2/Dreamcast games on the PlayStation 3, it seems that the document was a veritable treasure trove of other information as well. Kotaku reports that the document, now removed from its home at Objectif-Sega, "covers everything from Aliens and Bayonetta to Sonic and something called Vanquish." That's quite a bit of ground, as they clarify that "every major Sega game is mentioned in the document, often with details that appear to be either upcoming plans or at least ideas about what would the companies might pursue." Read More


Capcom Bringing 7 PSP Games to Playstation Network, 3 PS1 Games

Along with three previously confirmed PS1 titles rated by the ESRB for Playstation Network release, Capcom has confirmed that it will soon bring seven of its retail PSP games to PSN. The first UMD Legacy title announced is Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded – a PSP version of a collection already downloadable on PSN for the PS3. Capcom also announced Mega Man Powered Up, and Maverick Hunter X – PSP remakes of the original Mega Man and the first Mega Man X respectively. The three PSP fighters Capcom has announced for download on PSN are Power Stone Collection – a pack containing both of the Dreamcast Power Stone games, Darkstalkers Chronicle: the Chaos Tower, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max. Lastly among the PSP games is Capcom Puzzle World. The three previously confirmed PS1 titles were Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and the original Dino Crisis. No concrete release dates for any of the games were given, but Capcom used the word "soon." Read More