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  Just off the Gransys mainland is the cursed Bitter black Isle where gamers will embark on an all-new quest to discover an underground realm, complete with new terrifying foes and incredible treasure. Owners of the original Dragon's Dogma will be able to export their existing characters and all other saved data to continue their journey as the Arisen, and face a new threat that has emerged from the cavernous depths. Players will be able to take their characters to new heights with brand new high-level skills and augments as well as all new weapons and armor sets.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Review

When Dragon's Dogma came out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last year, it represented a side of Capcom that we rarely see, one that doesn't dwell on formula from games' past and instead offers something refreshing and challenging. Though the pacing wasn't suited for everyone (namely rookies) and the Pawn system left you doing more watching than necessary, the game as a whole struck quite the nerve. And now it's back for more. Capcom has returned to the land of Gransys for a second go-around, but Dark Arisen isn't quite a sequel. Instead, it feels more like the main game with an add-on tacked on, but it's one hell of an add-on. This time around, you're battling through Bitterblack Isle, a place where darkness is hardly your ally and everything... Read Review

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