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Ah, that's better.While the mainstream influence and success of games like Just Dance 2 and Zumba Fitness are probably keeping Ubisoft and Majesco in Read More


A Slime Meat Bun Draws Near: The Luidas Bar Experience

Dragon Quest is popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that Square Enix decided to open a themed restaurant called Luida's Bar: Dragon Quest dedicated to the series in Tokyo's nightlife district of Roppongi earlier this year. And I got in, which - even five months after the grand opening - was not a simple task. Put simply, Luida's Bar: Dragon Quest is the closest thing Square Enix has to an amusement park in the entire world. Eating there is an experience in itself and will take up a large portion of your day, even though the actual experience only lasts 90 minutes. Why only 90 minutes? The time limit allows as many fans as possible a chance to have the Dragon Quest experience on any given day while also maintaining the air of exclusivity the place has. You can't just walk up, get a table, and order. Like most things worthwhile in the country of Japan, you're going to have to plan in advance and wait - in line - with a lot of other people. Probably for a while. Read More


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Console Ports Confirmed Through Leak

A leak of next week's issue of Famitsu has confirmed that there will be console ports of the new BlazBlue game. BlazBlue: Cointinuum Shift – a sort of sequel/expansion pack, will bring various rebalances along with new characters. The two completely new characters are called Tsubaki Yaoi who appeared at the end of the first game's story mode, and Hazama. A third new character called Lambda-11 will replace the character Nu. Every returning character will also receive at least one new move. This comes along with various smaller balances, a new HUD, and redone stages. Read More


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Announced for Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 was a huge hit on the Nintendo DS in Japan, selling over a million copies and giving the Pokemon franchise that it is inspired by a run for its money. Now, the company has officially announced a sequel, revealed in the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine. Once again developed by TOSE for the Nintendo DS, Joker 2 will be mostly the same as its predecessor, except that it will feature over 300 monsters from throughout the Dragon Quest beastiary to collect, train, and battle with. Also, you can expect enhanced Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gameplay, allowing players to battle anyone,not just friends. The game is set to hit Japan later this year. As for a US release, the original Joker wasn't exactly a sales success, but with Square-Enix's long history of DS hits, it wouldn't be a surprise. Read More


Capcom Outsourcing Development of Street Fighter IV

Outsourcing is a fact of globalization, and in an industry as globalized as the games industry is, outsourcing is more than a fact -- it's a necessity. Square-Enix notoriously outsources tons of titles to TOSE for handheld ports, basically if you've touched an FF game on a handheld, you've played a TOSE-developed game. Dimps is another studio well-documented for being called on by bigger firms to develop games in hit franchises. They worked on Sonic Rush, Tales of the Tempest, and the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games. Now they can add another massively popular franchise to their CV: Street Fighter IV, as a post on NeoGAF revealed that the new EGM confirms that Dimps, and not a Capcom internal studio, is developing the fireball-tastic 2D fighter. The fact that outsourced games aren't made internally doesn't necessarily mean they're bad, however. TOSE made Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, which was regarded rather well, and Dimps' Budokai games, if rather schlocky, aren't exactly horrible. Granted, outsourced games overall aren't usually amazing, but impressions of SFIV have been rather positive, so this news shouldn't make anyone revoke their pre-orders (unless you just really love going to GameStop). No, what's really interesting about this news is that it makes vividly clear what Capcom HQ thinks of SFIV. EGM's original feature on the game made note that SFIV was a project that has faced an uphill battle from its inception. Clearly Capcom's got bigger and better fish to fry, or at least they think so, so they're letting someone else do the work for them. Read More