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Dragon Nest Review

Though I've always been interested in MMOs like World of Warcraft, there's been a variety of factors keeping me away from the so-called "digital crack." For starters, the price of admission has been historically high, many games requiring players to first purchase the game at full retail price, then sign up for a paid monthly subscription. Then there's the fact that... Read Review

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Dungeon Crawl: Dragon Nest Playthrough

The GameZone crew goes on a Dungeon Crawl in the latest Free to Play game from Nexon, Dragon Nest. Join Vito, Mike and Lance as they arm themselves with bows (or sadly attempt to) and swords and show their enemies who's boss. Read More

Vito Gesualdi Aug 9, 2011 | Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/8/11

How was your fourth of July? We really hope you had a great time, enjoyed some good food, and played some awesome games. Now that Independence Day is Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

The Sights of E3 2011

Every year E3 is nothing short of a spectacle. Here are a few shots from the show floor to see what you missed. Inside Skyrim booth Bounty Hunter and Read More

Mike Splechta Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/8/11

Mediocre fighting games, satisfying retro downloads, and enthralling racing experiences round out this week's reviews on GameZone. Also, we take a lo Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Dragon Nest

South Korean publisher Nexon seems to have found their niche: the wildly profitable world of massively multiplayer online RPGs. However, the most int Read More

Vito Gesualdi Apr 5, 2011 | Comments
Politician Jeered After Insulting Dragon Quest Fans in Akihabara

Politician Jeered After Insulting Dragon Quest Fans in Akihabara

When will people learn? You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don't insult Dragon Quest fans in the middle of Akihabara, especially if you're a politician. And yet, that is indeed what happened, Andriasang reports. Dragon Quest IX fans were gathered at the outdoor location of Ruida's Pub, a part of the giant retailer Yodobashi Multimedia. The "Pub" is actually a gathering area named after a locale in the game for DQIX players to exchange data. Read More

kombo Aug 18, 2009 | Comments
BioShock - 360 - Review

BioShock - 360 - Review

The first-person shooter genre is easily one of the most popular styles of video games, and to look back over the past several years, some of the big Read More

jkdmedia Aug 20, 2007 | Comments