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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review

You would think that by this time, after so many games, the secret to a successful Dragon Ball Z video game formula would have already been discovered and milked to death. I mean, let's take a look at the various mechanics in DBZ games over the years. Starting with one on one Street Fighter style bouts with the Budokai franchise, and eventually giving players free movement with Budokai... Read Review

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Dragon Quest IX Review

Dragon Quest IX Review

  All the best tales are told, "Once upon a time." Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DQ IX) begins with that style of storytelling and weaves a yarn that is told nicely all the way until the “The End.” For all intents and purposes, DQ IX is the same type of Japanese developed role-playing game that has been recycled and trotted out with different names plastered over similar looking faces and places; however, DQ IX is able to make a connection with the player unlike the grand majority of similar games. The Dragon Quest lineage of games has been a staple in the world of gaming since basically forever. DQ IX is created by legendary RPG developers Level 5, known for games like Jeanne D’arc and Dragon Quest VIII. Dragon Ball andDragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama directed the art with his unmistakable style that makes the tag team efforts of the creators to new heights, all while steeped in tradition. This means the DQ IX comes with an unmistakable Japanese flavor that is going to appeal to a lot of RPG diehards.  There is always a hint of cultural differences, which is something celebrated in DQ IX rather than swept under the rug. The story begins with an angel charged with protecting a sleepy hamlet. After solving basic requests for the simple, salt of the earth townsfolk, a world shaking event sends the fledgling guardian angel crashing back to the mortal world without divine powers. A quest to save the world and regain celestial powers beings as the story begins to unravel and draws players in like a cozy book by a fireside. DQ IX has a good origin and is able to keep the momentum up through the rest of the chapters. Part of what keeps the story fresh is the cheeky undertones of irreverence the keep the game always a few hairs ahead of becoming self aware of RPG traditions. I especially liked the town dubbed “Coffinwell” that was plagued with a mysterious illness that was making the town sick. To balance the playful fun, there are some melancholy moments that bring up philosophical questions about leaving unfinished business after death. However, the overall story can be accused of being too slow and taking its time to develop. Read More

kombo Aug 20, 2010 | Comments