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Dragon Ball fans, I have been with you every step of the way. I was there when the disappointing Dragon Ball Z: Sagas was released on the original Xbox and I was there when Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi made me realize that a great Dragon Ball game can be possible in the right hands. I was there because, like you, I adore the series and want a game worthy of the great story and characters.... Read Review

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Microsoft Unveils TGS Lineup

All Microsoft-themed articles this week must feature at least one Halo: Reach image With TGS upon us it's time for the companies to begin the show and tell process. Thankfully, Microsoft has just released the full list of games which they'll have available at this week's show. It's quite a hefty dollop of stuff indeed, and gamers should be very pleased with all that's being offered. Hit the jump for the full list. Read More


Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Receives Ongoing Series of Free DLC Character Packs

Downloadable content can be good, but know what's better than DLC? Free DLC, and that is precisely what the folks at Namco Bandai are providing for fans of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 every two weeks from now until April 2010. According to the press release, "[e]ach pack will include customized versions of popular characters, each with different powered-up abilities, which can be used in exciting versus battles in the game." Read More


Out From The Side of My Neck Bonus Thought 5: Good Idea/Bad Idea: The Fighting Genre Plan

Kombo-tributor TheWon, who often gives us our monthly dose of what's hot on the Wii in "Do U Wii," has whipped up an extra video this month in which he discusses the current state of fighting games and how their publishers are trying to sell them to us. He notes that even in the age of downloadable content and hard drives, it seems that they are trying to get by with old practices of making numerous versions and upgrades (see: Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV). Also, TheWon wanted me to make sure to note that the video was made before one game mentioned, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, received a price cut at GameStop, bringing its price down to $39.99. He adds that Naruto Shippuuden Clash of The Ninja Revolution 3 comes out next week. In any case, I have to admit, I lost interest in the Dragon Ball Z games a long time ago. I love Dragon Ball, don't get me wrong, but the back and forth with characters and sagas available, and the fact that it's all rehash hasn't really enticed me to keep paying attention. "Oh, yay, it's the Cell Saga. Again." Seriously, can't they get Toriyama to pen something that we haven't seen before? They did a new special recently, after all. Read More


Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Playable in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Fans of Dragon Ball Z are well aware that Vegeta, one of the series' most beloved characters, never got the opportunity to hit the Super Saiyan 3 level, instead simply jumping from 2 to 4 in the Dragon Ball: GT series. Well, for the first time ever, Dragon Ball fans will be able to see Vegeta's previously-unseen form when it makes its debut in the upcoming Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. Expect it to look something like the image you see to your right. Also going SSJ3 for the first time will be another of lead character Goku's many rivals, series film villain Broly: the Legendary Super Saiyan. Like Vegeta, Broly never got the opportunity to grow his hair out and magically lose his eyebrows, a fact that will be alleviated in Raging Blast. Both will be featured in their new forms as part of the game's "What If?" scenarios, featuring events from the series playing out in different ways. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast kamehamehas store shelves on November 10 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Read More


Sony's Playable Games Lineup for TGS '09

While I'm sure many of you won't be able to attend this year's Tokyo Game Show and try out a number of upcoming titles, you can bet that those lucky enough to attend will be more than happy to fill you in with details on what was playable at this year's show. Sony's got an ambitious lineup of playable games that will undoubtedly satisfy any fan of the PlayStation brand. Hit the cut to find out what Sony's bringing with them to this year's TGS. Read More