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Darkspawn Chronicles sends Dragon Age fans behind enemy lines

BioWare has officially announced Darkspawn Chronicles, a new expansion for Dragon Age: Origins that was leaked via Gamerscore Blog on Wednesday. No details were available at the time of the leak, but thankfully, Rob Bartel of BioWare has given Gamespot the full scoop in an in-depth interview. How accurate were Kombo's baseless, wildly speculative guesses as to what the new content could possibly be? Find out after the jump. Read More


Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn Chronicles DLC outed by Microsoft blog

Gamers pining for yet another return to the unfortunate land of Ferelden may be in luck, as the Darkspawn Chronicles, a new Dragon Age: Origins expansion, has been prematurely outed by the latest Xbox Live Newsbeat from Gamerscore Blog. The blog provides "the inside scoop from Microsoft Xbox and Games for Windows employees," who apparently jumped the gun. Then again, why hasn't this DLC been announced yet, with its release less than two weeks away? Hit the jump for more info. Read More