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  • Publisher(s): Sony
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Dr Who: The Eternity Clock Review

There’s no question that Doctor Who continues to be a sensation to sci-fi fans everywhere, even years after its inception.  The new season is already well into production, this time bringing the good Doctor and his companion River into the Wild West, where all sorts of new adventures await them.  To pass the time while fans avidly await this new journey, BBC Interactive has released a new game for the PlayStation Network, titled The Eternity Clock, which puts the Doc and River in a peculiar situation involving the TARDIS and lots of familiar enemies…including the Daleks.  (Gotta have Daleks.)  It’s a good idea, and shows some sharp production value, but somewhere along the way, the gameplay got stuck somewhere in the vortex. In the game, you... Read Review

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