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Super QuickHook Gets Another Free Content Update

iPhone gamers - and by that I mean gamers who also play games on their iPhones, not your girlfriend, who plays Doodle Jump - well, we know what a treat it is to discover a truly great game buried in the foul smelling garbage dump known as the App Store. Super QuickHook is one of those games, and of the many things that make the game so great, there's one that may jump out at many iPhone gamers: the game's continuous stream of hefty, free content updates, the third of which was released over the weekend. Hit the jump for the details. Read More


Rage for iPhone Announced at 60FPS

id Software co-founder and DOOM creator John Carmack revealed yesterday at QuakeCon that the company will be releasing not one, but two games set in the Rage universe for the iPhone family of devices. As part of his keynote speech for the convention, Carmack casually whipped out his iPhone 4 and showed the assembled crowd what Apple's latest device is really capable of. Watch the video, and hit the jump to keep reading. Read More