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The demon lord has captured the princess. Tragically, you are a Dokuro skeleton under him. But Love Conquers All, you've decided to become a prince to rescue her from her cell. With the princess in tow and the Sony PS Vita in your grasp, you go off on a journey. Set off traps in the demon lord's castle and fight against the ghouls.

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Exclusive Playstation Vita games are often overlooked, especially ones that don’t have a retail release. That’s a shame because Dokuro is a unique puzzler that might be one of the strongest games in the Vita’s lineup all year. Dokuro tells the tale of a captured princess and the attempts of a skeleton to save her from the Dark Lord who wants to marry her. Controlling said skeleton, you have to go through the Dark Lord’s castle and the many puzzles it presents in order to set the princess free from her imprisonment. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as there are 80+ challenges for you to conquer. The gameplay challenges you in real-time as the princess will continue to move forward when she has an open path. For instance, the princess will stop and... Read Review

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