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DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE is a one of a kind music gaming experience built from the ground up for the Sony PlayStation®Vita. Based of the hit arcade experience, players use the PS Vita touch screen to interact with a wide variety of songs from all genres.

DJ Max Technika Tune Review

Bemani-style games have certainly been in decline over the past few years, at least in the US. The Beatmania series never really kicked off here, since we never got a sequel to the PS2 game of the same name. The PSP however saw a resurgence in these Beatmania type games with DJ MAX, a korean take on the popular japanese Bemani series. DJ Max Fever and DJ Max Portable 3 were both stellar entries for the music game enthusiast. Arcades however already have DJ Max's next iteration, Technika, which features touch-screen enabled gameplay. Since the Vita also boasts an impressively sized touch screen, it only made sense for the series to continue here with DJ Max Technika Tune. The DJ Max series tasks players to 'complete' various songs by correctly timed button... Read Review

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