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Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy

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Dissidia Sequel Has Stupid Name, New Characters, Semi-Indecipherable Game Mechanics

  Dissidia Final Fantasy is a strange enough name. But the upcoming sequel, set to be shown at TGS, has that beat with a title of stupendous ridiculousness. A rapturous round of applause, then, for Dissidia [duocecim] Final Fantasy 012. Or possibly Dissidia [duodecim] 012 Final Fantasy. The second game in the series. Featuring characters from Final Fantasy XIII. Being released in 2011. So exactly where the 012 has come from is anyone's guess. "Duodecim", as everyone who paid attention in Latin class will know, means "12", or rather "XII". But that still doesn't explain what this mystery number is all about. And how do you abbreviate that? D[d]012FF? Let's settle on just 012 for simplicity's sake. Get strapped in for a confusing ride after the jump. Read More