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Japanese PSP Go Launch Content Revealed

Japanese PSP Go Launch Content Revealed

The next Japanese Playstation Store update is set to include some enticing bits of free PSP content for those with foreign accounts. The PSP Go will finally launch in Japan this weekend. Like the North American and European launches, this one will see the release of a lot of new content on that region of the Playstation Store. This includes free demos to three highly anticipated PSP games. The official launch is on Sunday November 1st but the releases are spread around the surrounding days. The first piece of free content will be a new Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker demo on the 1st. This demo will be largely the same as the one released to the public by IGN at the Tokyo Game Show with some improvements. There will be an additional control scheme, the hand-to-hand combat will be adjusted as will the AI. November 2nd will see the release of demos for Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 2. None of these demos have been confirmed for release on any western Playstation Stores. Phantasy Star Portable 2 hasn't even been confirmed or any western release yet. The list of confirmed full PSP games isn't quite as big as what Americans ended up getting on October 1st. Two Japan exclusive games however are Echochrono and Persona 3 Portable. Read More

kombo Oct 29, 2009 | Comments