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Disgaea 3 is a sequel to Disgaea , a hardcore, turn based, strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. In Disgaea , character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges, based on level and weapons equipped. There are other special game factors that let you take advantage of the 3D battle map many of map, which are unique to Disgaea . One of the many new feature to Disgaea 3 is the addition of a Geo Block, which creates 3 dimensional battle instead of the traditional 2D. Much of Disgaea 3 is yet to be unveiled, but rest assured, plenty is due to arrive in the coming months.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Review

The PlayStation Vita hasn't exactly had a splashy start, coming out of the gate with a decent lineup of launch titles, though still having failed to deliver the kind of killer app that sells consoles. So while we're still waiting for the title which will help justify our expensive portable devices, me and the other Vita owners of the world have been content to bide our time with solid ports of already beloved titles, with Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention helping flesh out our starved library with some classic RPG goodness. The original Disgaea 3 (Absence of Justice) first dropped for the PlayStation 3 back in 2008, and though classic RPG fans were certainly enthused, the game's simplistic style wasn't a huge hit with gamers looking for a true next-generation... Read Review

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Cheats

Easier Homeroom Success

Unlock Playstation 3

This will make it easier to pass topics in the Homeroom. If you press the X button just as the representatives say "Aye" the gauge on the right hand side of the screen will jump up much further (it plays a different 'dwoop' noise to cofirn if you got it). If you press X in time with the voting chances are the topic will pass.

Unlocking Classes

Unlock Playstation 3
Archer Have a level 15 Valkyrie and Cleric
Armored Knight Have a level 15 Warrior and Martial Artist
Beast Master Have a level 15 Valkyrie and Fight Mistress
Berserker Have a level 40 Armored Knight and Beast Master
Celestial Host Beat the Item World Command Attack on any difficulty in under 145 commands
Cheerleader Have a level 25 Wiseman and Cleric
Dragon Defeat a Dragon in Item World or Class World
Factory Desco Unlock Desco, pass the, "Create a Final Boss?" bill as Mao
Felynn Defeat a Felynn in Item World or Class World
Female Samurai Have a level 35 Valkyrie and Archer
Gunner Have a level 15 Magician and Thief
Gunslinger Have a level 15 Witch and Thief
Kunoichi Have a level 30 Fight Mistress and Witch
Magic Knight Have a level 25 Warrior/Valkyrie and Magician/Witch
Majin Get the Normal or Good ending
Masked Hero Have a level 45 Thief and Gunner/Gunslinger
Ninja Have a level 30 Martial Artist and Magician
Ranger Have a level 15 Warrior and Clergy
Samurai Have a level 35 Warrior and Ranger
Shaman Have a level 25 Wiseman and Magician/Witch
Wiseman Having a level 20 Martial Artist/Fight Mistress and Male/Female Cleric

Unlockable Characters/Modes

Unlock Playstation 3
"Death Inst., Majin Academy" Side Story Clear "Evil Academy Culture Fair", then talk to the Parallel Worlder
"Evil Academy Culture Fair" Side Story Clear the Raspberyl,Super Delinquent and Battle for the Test! Side Stories
"Mass Produced Desco" Generic Class Recruit Fuka and Desco, the pass the "Make a Final Boss?" bill as Mao
Fuka and Desco Finish Death Inst., Majin Academy Pt. 2, and then reach the postgame
Gig and Revya Clear "Evil Academy Culture Fair", then reach the postgame
Item/Class World/Survival Attack Reach the postgame, and then talk to the Angel NPC by the Dimension Guide
Outfit Shop(Raspberyl) Finish the Raspberyl Version
Rutile and Stella Grossular Finish Death Inst., Majin Academy Pt. 2(They will already be recruited when you return)
Super Hero Aurum Reach the postgame, then reach 4th Period in the Raspberyl Version

Unlockable Cameo Characters

Unlock Playstation 3
Aramis Clear Class World Command Attack with less than 145 commands
Asagi Beat extra map 4
Axel Beat extra map 6
Laharl, Etna, and Flonne Beat extra map 7
Marona Beat extra map 5
Master Big Star Beat extra map 1
Pleinair In Survival, get 7 Level Spheres and wish for the Mascot Character
Prism Red Beat extra map 3
Salvatore Beat extra map 2
Super hero Aurum Finish 3rd Period of 'Raspberyl version'
Gordon Beat Second Period of Raspberyl Mode
Jennifer Beat Second Period of Raspberyl Mode
Kurtis Beat First Period of Raspberyl Mode
Prinny Kurtis Beat First Period of Raspberyl Mode
Thurdsay Beat Second Period of Raspberyl Mode
Tink Beat Third Period of Raspberyl Mode

Unlock Endings

Unlock Playstation 3
Almaz's Ending Win stage 8-4 with Almaz alone and the battle after
Death Institute, Majin Academy Ending Clear Death Institute, Majin Academy Side Story
Human World Ending Kill more then 99 allies and clear two alt. stages by stage 7-6
Laharl's Ending Go to homeroom and propose "Watch a New Ending" and clear the stage
Mao's Ambition Ending Clear stage 1-9 on 2nd or higher cycle before stage 4-4
Normal Ending Don't meet any other ending's requirement
Raspberyl Version Ending Clear Raspberyl Version Side Story
Raspberyl's Ending 1 Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-5
Raspberyl's Ending 2 Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1
Super Hero Ending Use Mao at Lv 500 or higher to defeat final boss

How To Get Them All Diez Gentlemen

Unlock Playstation 3
Beyond X Level 64
Bo Tie Level 300
Breezy Satina Level 700
Gorillian Level 64
Goro Level 400
Pauline Level 600
Prinny Mask Level 64
Se-to-oh Level 500
Shyrone Level 64

Accessing New Vita Content Early

Unlock Playstation 3

Load up the game and highlight continue. Input Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X. If you do this right, then you will hear Maos voice. After this, start the game normally. You'll now find the Parallel Worlder at the bottom levels of the base under the stairs. After clearing the tutorial, talk to him and the new content will become available to you.