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Disciples III: Renaissance for PC

The struggle between gods has continued ever since the creation of Nevendaar

Disciples III: Renaissance


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Review Rating 7.5 Good
User Score27 reviews
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Disciples 3 is the long-awaited sequel to the famous and highly acclaimed series made by Strategy First, received an appreciation from critics and players. The player takes part in the conflict of 5 races fighting for possession the world of Nevendaar. The dynamic plot is full of treachery and intrigues. This game will change your outlook on turn-based strategies Storyline The struggle between gods has continued ever since the creation of Nevendaar. Possessing the faith of weak mortals, they led their disciples to certain death only to satisfy their personal desires.Their hate to each other grew just like the cemeteries on Nevendaar. Truces were broken without any shadow of regret and the world became corrupted because of foul plots.But even in the darkest time there is still hope. The fallen star has enlightened Nevendaars sky as a symbol from the ancient legends. A symbol which heralds the arrival of an angel sent by the Highfather to save Nevendaar. But was that angel really sent by the Highfather?

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Disciples III: Renaissance Goes Gold

Kalypso Media and Akella are pleased to announce that Disciples III: Renaissance, the turn-based tactical RPG with deep strategic elements, has gone

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