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DiRT 3 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3

DiRT 3 is a popular rally racing game

DiRT 3


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DiRT 3 is a popular rally racing game that combines the feel of fast-paced arcade style racing action across multiple surfaces and environments with realistic features found on real off-road circuits. The third release in the acclaimed off-road racing franchise, Dirt 3 features a range of racing and driving disciplines at spectacular locations, more than 100 routes, the finest selection of licensed action-sports racing cars, multistage rallies set at classic locations, exhilarating snow racing action and mesmerizing Gymkhana race events.

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DiRT 3 Image
DiRT 3 'Monaco' Gameplay Trailer

New gameplay trailer that showcases DiRT 3’s Rallycross, Gymkhana and Head 2 Head stages in motorsport’s Mecca, Monaco.

DiRT 3 Image
DiRT 3 'World of Racing' Trailer

Codemasters' DiRT 3 raced into stores yesterday. This new gameplay trailer showcases DiRT 3's wide range of game modes.

DiRT 3 Image
Dirt 3 'Attract' Trailer

Are you attracted to this trailer? You should be as Dirt 3 is shaping up to be one pretty racer

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