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Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing Dev Diary "Censored," Europe/Australia Release Date Confirmed

The news just isn't stopping for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, but I have little complaint over that. Today, however, the two new pieces of info are a little lower-key. First, if you'll recall yesterday's story, Executive Producer Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital had posted a developer diary to the SEGA blogs which seemed as though it was ready to drop some hints about the upcoming title, but then pulled away at the last moment. Today, Lycett has said that his writing had been "censored." Read More


Enemies for Sonic Chronicles Named at Last

It wasn't so long ago that we brought you word of BioWare's fan-based effort to name the new alien race which resides within their upcoming Nintendo DS RPG effort, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Now, it seems the names have been submitted, the votes have been cast, the results tallied, and the name chosen. Such as the process would have been expected to proceed, one might imagine. According to website The Sonic Stadium, another website, Sonic Nerds, became the winner (imagine that) with their chosen nom de plume for the big bad guys who come out of nowhere and start kicking everyone's butts royally. This time, that race's name will be "The Zoah," beating out other entries such as "Gravitus," "Dusk," "Psykore," and "Darknood." Incidently, longtime SEGA fans might be thinking "Gosh, that name sounds familiar" before breaking down into fits of crying over what the company once was. As it happens, and is no doubt uncoincidental, The Zoah was the name of a pivotal town from the SEGA Saturn RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga. Sonic Chronic-what-cles is due out in Autumn, and Kombo will keep you up to date on whatever other scraplets of information we come across. Read More