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The Official McDonald's Nintendo DSi

Not too long ago it was reported that McDonald's in Japan would be purchasing a boat load -- well, nearly 8,000 -- of Nintendo DSi systems for the purpose of training new hires. In the video above -- from Bloomberg -- you can get a good look at the system which sports a nifty McDonald's arch on the back of one of the black systems. Along with the system itself the video showcases the software used to train the employees. It looks like a combination of Diner Dash and Brain Age with a reassuring green circle and chime appearing when the employee performs the proper action in the game. Read More


Capcom, Pachter Ponder Wii Market

The past several days have been full of third parties lamenting the prospect of Mature titles on the Wii, if not the place of third-party titles altogether. Following the reported sales of Dead Space: Extraction, SEGA has said that they are not looking at producing any more Mature titles on the platform, while Capcom's Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles had led the company to reconsider its stance as well, though they would soon follow up with a seeming intent to continue publishing Wii titles. Read More


Call of Duty Classic Tops the PSN Downloads Chart

As you may or may not know the latest PlayStation Store update gave us all a list of the top 20 downloads. The list at this point in time is quite colorful with a nice array of games, including a lot of PSP titles. LittleBigPlanet PSP tops all of the other PSP games on the list, good job sackboy! It seems Call of Duty classic is quite popular with PlayStation users, since the games release on December 3rd it has skyrocketed its way to the top of the list, I'm sure a lot of those downloads were from people who bought the hardened or prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2. Nonetheless it is pretty cool to see such a classic game getting huge attention in this day and age. It goes to show you that gameplay > graphics! Hit the break to see this weeks top 20 downloads Read More


Microsoft Says "Give Thanks... for Xbox 360!"

It's that time of year again... no, not that one... or that one. The other one, with turkeys. No, not Christmas, the other one that comes before it. Right, this week is Thanksgiving... that is, if you live in the States (in Canada, we had ours last month). And as you can see, we've all got something we're thankful for, including video games (I realize that may sound shallow to some people, but for others of us, it puts food on the table, so shush). Among those giving thanks is Microsoft, who seems to have a whole itinerary planned for the week so that Xbox 360 owners might feel a little thankful, too. From live 1 vs. 100 to deals on games, Facebook, and more, they will no doubt indeed be very thankful if you decide to spend part of your Thanksgiving weekend with them, and perhaps drop a few dollars their way while you're at it. For all the moist, juicy, stuffed and oven-roasted details, just read the press release after the cut. Read More