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Pac-Man Party Screenshot - 813971

Pac-Man Party Review

It was inevitable. Seeing as how Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Sonic and Bomberman got their own party games, it was only a matter of time before Namco’s Read More


Namco Bandai Adding More Virtual Console Arcade Games Than You Can Shake a Joystick At-- in Japan

Since Nintendo surprised everyone at this year's Game Developers Conference with the Virtual Console Arcade, Nintendo has gone on to release... six titles. Ultimately, it seems to have simply made the queue for waiting on something good to come out even bigger. However, releases have come a bit more frequently in Japan, where they presently have 34 games to purchase, many of them from Namco Bandai (whose offerings make up fully one-half of the Western VC Arcade lineup, in case you were wondering). What's more, according to Andriasang, they still have five games left from the initially-announced wave of titles. The publisher has managed to get out approximately one a week in Japan, which has led to 25 Namco Bandai arcade games being available in total. Evidently, they figure that's close enough to allow them to announce the next batch of 20 VC Arcade titles they plan to introduce. Read More


What Classic Titles Would WayForward Like to Revive?

WayForward Technologies has had something of a rocky history and a shaky reputation. Working primarily on licensed games early on, they did manage to make a name for themselves in the platformer Shantae. However, they were also often looked down upon for creating Ping Pals, which is widely considered one of the worst pieces of Nintendo DS software ever. Then, opportunity knocked, and they had the chance to create Contra 4 for Konami, which was met favorably upon release. Now, they're working on breathing new life into David Crane's A Boy and His Blog, and life seems to be good. During a recent interview with Nintendo Life (part two, to be exact), WayForward's Creative Director Matt Bozon, Designer/Director Adam Tierney, and Designer/Director Sean Velasco talk about what other retro games they would like to bring back to life, as well as hint that some others are already being discussed with the license holders. Check out some excerpts after the cut. Read More


8-Bit Fatality Sees to It You'll Never Look at the Classics the Same Way Again

Back in the days of NES gaming, "realism" held a very different meaning. "Realism" was if your character fell after walking off a cliff, or if his head wasn't bigger than the rest of his body. Truth be told, the medium had severe limitations where "realism" was concerned, and this yielded many fantastic, crazy, and off-the-wall ideas and concepts. But one artist, Steven Lefcourt of, always saw video games, including the violence within, for what they really were. Read More