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Diablo III

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Diablo III Inferno Difficulty

Diablo III will give a new meaning to the term "harder than hell". Announced today at Gamescom, Diablo III will introduce a new end-game mode that wi


Diablo 3 Release Nearing

Forget all of the news about Congress reaching an agreement on the debt crises. Bigger news has arrived with Blizzard Entertainment releasing a beta


Diablo 3 Only Playable Online

According to executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo, Diablo 3 will require users to be online while playing.Pardo's reasoning for the onli


Diablo III on Consoles?

Could the latest game in the Diablo series be coming soon to a PS3 or Xbox 360 near you? Gaming news website Gamasutra has spotted some job postings