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Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch

Download this Diablo 2 patch for some in-game fixes. 

Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch

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Patch: Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch
9 MB

File Info for Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch

Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch
Mike Splechta Mike Splechta
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9 MB
April 20, 2010

Description of Diablo 2 v 1.1.3 Patch

The storyline of Diablo II progresses through four acts, with each act following a predetermined path and list of quests. Some quests are optional. The player assumes the role of a hero from one of five different character classes. Players fight monsters through wilderness areas and dungeons in order to level-up their character and gain better items. Combat is in real-time, and shown from an isometric viewpoint. Players also have the option of hiring one of several computer-controlled mercenaries, or hirelings, that follow the player and attack nearby enemies. A powerful boss monster awaits the player at the end of each act. Item drops, monster attributes, and most dungeon layouts are randomly-generated by Diablo II.
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