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Devil May Cry 4 Review

I remember back in my middle school days, I traded one of my friends a copy of Onimusha: Warlords for his Devil May Cry for PS2. I remember being excited to always go to his house and play it until he gave in and offered it to me in exchange for one of my games. In retrospect, I definitely got the better deal there. I was hooked on Devil May Cry's stylish gameplay. That trend continued... Read Review

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Rusty Hearts Preview

I play a lot of MMORPGs. I wouldn’t say that I’m picky when it comes to them; I’ll try anything. It takes a really good game to keep me around Read More

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Reboot:  Hitting the Reset Button on Gaming's Core Franchises

Reboot: Hitting the Reset Button on Gaming's Core Franchises

As this gaming generation wears on, game publishers are trying to give long-standing franchises a boost. In many cases, rather than simply releasing HD versions of existing franchises, they are deciding to "reboot" them instead - retconning the series from scratch and adding new elements while attempting to retain the core characteristics that made the franchises successful in the first place. Read More

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