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Glory of Heracles

A spectacular combat system and lengthy story somehow combine to make Glory of Heracles a very average game, doomed to certain obscurity. Read More


Microsoft, Pachter Comment on Netflix to PS3

As is to be expected, the responses have begun to roll in referencing today's huge news of Netflix's movie streaming service coming to PS3 next month. Microsoft, whom Netflix formerly had an exclusive arrangement with, is unsurprisingly seemingly unfazed by the announcement. According to a company response given to G4: When it comes to total entertainment experiences and value, Xbox 360 is always leading the charge. The only place to watch Netflix movies with friends anywhere in the U.S. is still on Xbox 360. On top of that, Xbox 360 is just weeks away from becoming the first console to deliver Facebook, Twitter,, and a library of movie titles available in instant-on HD in 1080p with 5.1 surround sound from Zune video. Xbox 360 continues to break new ground in entertainment for people who want to share the best movies, music, games, and social networking experiences with their friends and family—whether they're in the same room or on opposite sides of the country. But what about the possibility of the Netflix service becoming available to those with Xbox Live Silver? Also, what does Wedbush Morgan Securities Analyst and all-around demigod Michael Pachter have to say on the subject? Find out after the cut. Read More


Demigod - PC - Review

Do you like acting like an all powerful being? Do you want to take over the world and rule all? If you answered yes to either of these questions then Read More


Demigod Released!

Demigod released! Fight for Your Place in the Pantheon with Gas Powered Games New Real-Time Action Strategy PC Game - Stardock announced today that i Read More


Demigod - PC - Preview 2

The balance of power is changing. As a demigod, your strength is limited. You aren but that is about to change. One of the gods has disappeared, crea Read More