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Unite with countless players for nonstop, pulse-pounding combat in Defiance, the third-person shooter MMO coming to Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, and PC. Wield the firepower of the future against alien horrors, ruthless thugs, and your fellow Ark Hunters. Join the transmedia revolution as your victories in a rich, seamless persistent world impact the tense serial drama coming to Syfy!

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Defiance is an ambitious experiment, a crazy cross-media promotion that brings together a television series and a massively multiplayer video game. Still, regardless of the two mediums sharing the same timeline, they are, for the most part, separate experiences. So what can Defiance bring to the MMO table that will entice those looking to trade in their broadswords and plate mail for high tech ATVs and electric pulse rifles? Being an MMO that's tied to a TV show, you'd expect the game to try to jam a whole lot of lore down your throat. While that's not initially the case, you do learn more and more of what exactly happened to Earth all those years ago, and what Defiance actually is. Sadly, the 2-hour pilot for the television series did a much better job at explaining... Read Review

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