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Defense Grid: The Awakening features beautiful closed and open-map environments, spectacular effects, a linear storyline and a dynamic, engaging soundtrack. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is deep, making the game accessible to all levels of players while giving the more hardcore player advanced strategic challenges through game achievements and rewards.

Defense Grid: The Awakening Cheats

Before you select your character you can use the keypad to enter in a three digit code to unlcok all sorts of cool stuff. Finish the three digit code by hitting the # button. 5 codes can be entered per game. Try these on for size: 327# This code will return you to the game as fast as possible once you've been killed. 937# Instant Basic weapon load-out. While others are still scrambling around trying to get weapons, you'll be fragging away. 244# Big Head Mode. Your characters will have big heads. 930# Play in the Grid World Arena. All participating players must enter this code for it to work. 782# Subzero from Mortal Kombat. 726# Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 529# Lawyer - The audiance member 226# Camera man - a guy in yellow with a camera 574# Cristy - Co-Host with blonde hair 375# Darla - Black co-Host 256# Cleao - Co-Host with black hair 474# Gridman - A green guy 876# Trom - A burnt guy 441# More money, no mega-gun 444# More money, on super move 442# More money, no bomb 443# More money, no super charge 123# Booya that was fat!