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EA's Kudo Tsunoda Leaves for Microsoft, Now Working on Next Gears of War

GameTap is reporting that Electronic Arts exec Kuno Tsunoda has left Electronic Arts, taking up a job at Microsoft Game Studios as project lead on the next Gears of War title, which, so far, has not been officially announced (in case you're wondering). During his career with EA, Tsunoda was producer on numerous fighting titles, including Fight Night and Def Jam Icon. Before EA decided to close its EA Chicago studio, he was working on a Marvel Comics-themed fighter. Tsunoda is not the first EA employee to leave the company for the Big M. Others include Don Mattrick and John Schappert, two EA bigwigs that left to work for the company behind Xbox. On the flipside, Microsoft exec Peter More left Microsoft for Electronic Arts last summer. Do these two companies enjoy exchanging employees or what? Read More