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Indulge your dark side and step into the role of the Devil's Daughter as you mercilessly trap human victims on a quest for retribution. Choose from over 120 traps - including themed traps for each stage and enchanted moving trapmobiles - and hone your skills to connect your traps into ever more elaborate, sadistic, and humiliating combos.

Deception IV: Blood Ties Review

Deception IV: Blood Ties feels like the half-baked first attempt at a good idea. It’s the kind of game that leaves you thinking, “Well, if they build on this concept, it will make a hell of a sequel!” The problem, unfortunately, is right there in the title -- Deception IV is no first attempt -- it is the fourth game in a series. That’s bad, really bad. The concept is novel, even today, despite being the same basic idea that Tecmo’s original Deception title proposed way back in 1996. You play as Laegrinna, the daughter of the devil, whose asscrack-revealing outfit tells you everything you need to know about this game’s intended audience. Her goal is to collect 12 holy verses and release the devil. To do this, she draws saintly warriors to one of... Read Review

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