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10 Complete Sporting Events, Better Than Ever! DECA SPORTS, the hit sports compilation series that has over 2.5 million units sold through worldwide, is returning to Wii with 10 COMPLETELY NEW sporting events in DECA SPORTS 3! Simple controls let your entire family play together, while advanced controls let you take advantage of Wii MotionPlus. Swing, flip, and spike your way to the winner’s circle across all of the included events: Indoor Volleyball, Racquetball, Air Racing, Freestyle Kayaking, Lacrosse, Fencing, Halfpipe (Snowboarding), Giant Slalom (Skiing), Springboard Diving, and even Log Cutting! This time around, you can play online in 4 events (Volleyball, Lacrosse, Racquetball, & Fencing)!

DECA Sports 3 Review

Chances are if you played either Deca Sports or Deca Sports 2, you ended up walking away greatly disappointed. These games, which featured a collection of sports to play, felt uninspired, lacked depth, and became tedious rather quick. Hudson Soft is at it again with the third entry in the series, and this title is no different than its predecessors. Deca Sports 3 features 10 events, online play, and Wii MotionPlus support. Having said that, there’s nothing in this package that warrants a purchase. Even the most casual Wii owners are better off sticking with something else such as the original Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort.The 10 events included in Deca Sports are lacrosse, racquetball, volleyball, fencing, log cutting, kayaking, air racing, snowboarding, springboard diving, and slalom... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for DECA Sports 3.