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Death Rally Review

Death Rally remains to be an interesting top-down racing game, despite it being a remake. Many of the ideas that it implements to keep the racing engaging and the player focused on the game are all present, allowing it to be an excellent time sink. However, despite its attractive set of customization features, unlockables, and short spurt racing sessions, Death Rally has flaws that... Read Review

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Weekly Wrap-Up 6/3/11

E3 is almost upon us, but before we get to one of the biggest industry events in gaming, let's take a look back at highlights from throughout the wee Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Pac-Man Pizza Parlor, Kart Racing, and... Bookshelves?

Pac-Man Pizza Parlor, Kart Racing, and... Bookshelves?

According to legend, the creation of Pac-Man was inspired by the visage of a pizza with a slice removed from it (which might also serve to explain his unique death animation). Now, things seem to be coming full circle with "Pac-Man Pizza Parlor." Unfortunately, it is nothing as cool as a Pac-Man-themed pizza parlor where ghosts serve up pies baked by the big, yellow dot-gobbler himself. According to Siliconera (via GoNintendo), Namco Bandai has registered the trademark in Europe, alongside Pac-Man: Kart Rally. No platforms have been confirmed yet, but Siliconera suggests that this could be part of the company's plans to celebrate Pac's 30th birthday this year. More Pac-Fun after the cut. Read More

kombo Jan 27, 2010 | Comments
Nintendo Zone Service Unveiled in Japan

Nintendo Zone Service Unveiled in Japan

The biggest name in portable gaming once again teams with the biggest name in fast food as DS meets McD's. As a part of Nintendo's new Nintendo Zone service in Japan, owners of the dual-screened handheld will find themselves afforded new services at McDonald's as the two partner up for "Mac de DS," which may be more easily understood as "DS at McDonalds." Read More

kombo Jun 15, 2009 | Comments