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Dead Rising features an open level of freedom and offers a vast array of gameplay possibilities. As part of a real time system, time is dynamic in Dead Rising, marching on whether Frank is actively engaged or if he is stationary. Time also plays a role as zombies become more powerful when the sun goes down. Though they move slowly during the day, the zombies become stronger and faster at night, making it even more dangerous for players to survive. The unprecedented numbers of enemies come in never-ending waves and consist of a diverse population of former humans that have retained some memory of their previous lives, which is reflected in their behavior and appearance. The variety of different stores in the mall offers players an endless supply of resources including vehicles, makeshift weapons and more. Players will also encounter other survivors along the way and by helping them can acquire valuable clues as to what has happened.

Dead Rising Review

I'll be honest with you, I sent my editor a note a while back, practically begging for this title. I love anything zombie, movies, books, Halloween and of course games. If you have read any of my past horror game reviews, you know that I have an obsession with the walking dead. I can't help it, a misspent youth in a house with all the cable channels forged an imagination that embraced the whole zombie genre.So with Dead Rising, the first thing I noticed is on the cover there is a little legal-esque notice on the bottom stating that this game has no affiliation with George Romero or his "Dead" movies. As if anyone familiar with George's movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead) will tell you that Dawn of the Dead takes place in a shopping... Read Review

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