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Frank West Comes to Dead Rising 2 in Case West

      The return of he who has covered wars, y'know was teased earlier this week by Capcom, and now, the publisher has made it official. Frank West will indeed return - not as a co-op partner for Chuck Green - but in a downloadable epilogue for Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case West coming exclusively to the Xbox 360. True, this isn't the first time Capcom and developer Blue Castle Games have done this, as the game's 360-exclusive downloadable prologue, Case Zero, has gone on to be rather successful. But is the ability to play as the original's protagonist deserving of not just a DLC pack, but an entire game? Read More


Kombo's Weekly Round-Up

The Halo: Reach review is here, and what more is there to say about this week in gaming news. It's the big story of the week - yes, even eclipsing the release of NHL 11, and according to Mike, who was lucky enough to review the game, it's a classic.  Be sure to check it out, and of course, be sure to catch up on all the news of the week. It was a doozy, from Nintendo's Wii follow-up console to Arkham City details to a really special design analysis of God of War II.  Check it out below in our weekly round-up (yes, I know, it's a day late. I was at a football game yesterday, and I apologize profusely!) Read More


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Breaks Xbox Live Arcade Sales Record

The people have spoken, and publishers will likely to be pleased to learn that Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has, according to a press release, officially accrued "the best week one unit sales in the history of all content distributed through Xbox LIVE Arcade." Case Zero is an Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive prologue to the upcoming Dead Rising 2. What might its success mean for the future? Read More


H.A.W.X. 2 Wins at Marketing

  What's the best way to promote a game? Bombarding sites with press releases? Releasing demos? TV ad campaigns? Exclusive events that members of the press get to liveblog? No, silly, the best way to promote a game is to make another game. Sound ridiculous? Ubisoft don't think so. Find out more after the jump. Read More

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Capcom's PAX Lineup

Today Capcom announced its lineup for the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo, which kicks off at 10 AM in Seattle this Friday, September 3.Attendees should expec Read More

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Dead Rising 2 preview

If there ever was a doubt in my mind about Dead Rising 2, receiving hands-on with the title helped erase it. Providing a 10-minute demonstration of p Read More


Dead Rising 2: Co-Op, Vs, Wheelchairs and Underpants

  So Dead Rising 2 is out pretty soon. With that in mind, Capcom have shared a whole bunch of details about the new game. Including information on the game's multiplayer components, and the Xbox-exclusive prologue. Duct-tape yourself to that Read More button to find out more. Read More


CASE ZERO Is XBLA-Based Prologue To Dead Rising 2

Those gamers looking forward to Dead Rising 2 will get the chance to step into the shoes of new protagonist Chuck Greene sooner than expected. On August 31st, an exclusive Xbox LIVE Arcade game will act as a prologue to the new game. Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO will introduce players to Greene in preparation for the retail game's release on September 28. Find out more after the jump. Read More