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Dead or Alive: Dimensions is set to be the latest installment in the Dead or Alive franchise. In development for the Nintendo 3DS, Dimensions will be the first Dead or Alive game to have 3D graphics, and it will be a return to the series's fighting game roots. It will also be the third Dead or Alive title to be released for a handheld console (the first two being Girls of DOA BlackJack and Dead or Alive Paradise), but it will be the series's first fighting-game title for a handheld.

Dead or Alive Dimensions Review

Every fighter has a feature or a gimmick that it relies on for its success. Mortal Kombat has intense blood and gore; Street Fighter is known for its colorful and diverse cast of characters and its deep fighting mechanics; BlazBlue has a gorgeous 2D anime style; Soul Calibur mixes it up with some wildly varied weapon combat, leaving the Dead or Alive series with its cast of wonderfully busty babes. If you want to dispute that statement, take into consideration that two spin-off games have devoted their entire gameplay to dressing these girls in tiny bikinis. After a long absence of Dead or Alive fighting games, the series makes a return not only in handheld form, but in stereoscopic 3D, as well.Dead or Alive: Dimensions isn’t a sequel but rather a compilation of the entire franchise... Read Review

Dead or Alive Dimensions Cheats

Unlock the Metroid Stage

Hint Nintendo 3DS

Unlock the Metroid Stage:

Finish the arcade mode and the Metroid stage will unlock.

Unlock Character Menu Voices

Hint Nintendo 3DS

Unlock Character Menu Voices:

Character Menu VoicePlay and win one round of survival mode

Alternate Costume Details

Code Nintendo 3DS

Alternate Costume Details:

Kasumi Alpha: Braid L + X
Kasumi Alpha: High Ponytail R + X
Kasumi Alpha: Low Ponytail L + R + X
Kasumi: Braided hair L + X
Kasumi: High Ponytail R + X
Kasumi: Low Ponytail L + R + X
La Mariposa: No Mask L + X
Lei Fang: Side Braids L + X
Lei Fang: Short Ponytail R + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 1 L + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 2 R + X
Random Select: Shiden Costume 3 L + R + X