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Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0

Adds weapons, ammo, and much more to Dead Island 

Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0

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Mod: Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0
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File Info for Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0

Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0
Matt Liebl Matt Liebl
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September 12, 2011

Description of Dead Island Ak47 for Everyone MOD v2.0

CHANGES FROM ORIGINAL GAME: - Removed FOG distance. So youll be able to look farter (be aware can hit your FPS) - Added GUNS (rifles, shotguns, pistols, ect) to ALL shops. They will spawn as normal weapons (from gold to white), based on your level and by luck. - Added AMMO to all shops. - Increased the chance to get orange/violet/blue/green weapons from boxes and from drops. - Increased AMMO capacity. - NO Increased DAMAGE for ALL weapons (meele and guns). -- REMOVED IN VERSION 2.0 -- - Increased EXPERIENCE gained from quests and from killing zombies. - GAIN 1 EXTRA SKILL per level. - Increased MONEY drops. - Increased meele weapon durability. - Increased health gained from food, medpacks, etc. - Added 3 extra NPC to get your items stored on ACT 1 and ACT 2. - You dont lose money when die. - Use mouse scroll UP and youll change weapons. (only UP its working) - Disabled SSAO wich its almost unnoticiable and increment FPS. - Improved keyboard and mouse sensivity. (with iron sights sould be a little tricky for first but can always decrease mouse sensivity on settings) - NO MORE AUTO EQUIP MED PACKS AND ALCOHOL. Extract the files inside OUT directory located in your documents called DeadIsland, so the DATA folder included within the RAR will be along with your folders called SETTINGS AND LOGS, example: C:\Users\\Documents\DeadIsland\out
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