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Cheats for Dead Island - Game of the Year Edition


  • All platforms
  • glitch

Need to duplicate items... well since they have patched the easy way which is throw your weapons and as soon as you are drop it at the same time... but on game of the year edition, you still have drop all that youo want to dupe blow yourself up load last checkpoint before the countdown starts... works everytime ^_^ good luck

Duplicate glitch

  • Xbox 360
  • glitch

This glitch may require you to clear your Xbox system cache and delete any Dead Island updates and patches, items can still be transferred to online play. After clearing the Xbox cache play Dead Island and choose not to update the game then when your playing try and find the most expensive "rare" weapon you can find. When you have a melee weapon of considerable value find a npc that you can sell all the duplicate items too. Its a quick process so you have to make sure its done right. Throw your melee weapon toward the ground in front of you and while its still in "mid- air" go to your weapons inventory and "drop" the weapon you just "tossed'. If done correctly you should have two of the same item on the ground, repeat for more etc.