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  • For fans of Casual and Puzzle
  • Release Date(s): May 16, 2012
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“Dead Hungry Diner” is a fun and fast paced action-puzzler with a fresh approach to restaurant management. Guide Gabe and Gabby, the orphan twins, and discover the secrets of Ravenwood village. Seat, serve and satisfy a variety of monsters but be quick before they get impatient and leave without paying. Call Frankie the bouncer to break up fights between feuding customers. Use a pinch of magic to perfect your customer service and build up big bucks. With a bulging bank balance visit the “Blackest Market” and purchase power ups. Revel in more than 50 levels and two game modes of a monster feeding frenzy and manage the most unusual restaurant you have ever seen.

Dead Hungry Diner Review

Black Market Games’ first release is an undead restaurant management sim with a slight puzzle element. Dead Hungry Diner, which recently dropped on Steam, requires you to feed hordes of insatiable and rather impatient monsters, but you won’t be serving up a delectable smorgasbord of meals. Your humble diner’s management — two orphans, Gabriel and Gabriella — don’t run around chopping up innocent people for garnishes. Instead, organic brainberries keep the nocturnal coming back for seconds, but your meddling does earn you one nasty competitor: Vandra Helsing, monster hunter. Narrated in storybook form, Gabriel and Gabriella’s cooking adventures lend charm to what is a simple, routine type of casual game. The sleepy Frankenstein hulk,... Read Review

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    Dead Hungry Diner review

    Stephanie Carmichael May 26, 2012