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The free-spirited, color-absorbing, amorphous glob of goo is back in a much deserved sequel. The first game, which started out as a PC indie game, later became a sleeper hit for the Wii in 2008. Does this latest outing on all major consoles bring back the enjoyable, color-centric gameplay? De Blob 2 is, in truth, largely similar to its predecessor. The storyline continues with Blob... Read Review

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de Blob 2  - 866619

De Blob 2 Review

The free-spirited, color-absorbing, amorphous glob of goo is back in a much deserved sequel. The first game, which started out as a PC indie game, la Read More


Red Faction Hit with Minor Delay, THQ Announces Several New Games

Bad news for fans of destruction and mayhem, as THQ has announced that Red Faction: Armageddon will miss it's scheduled release in March 2011. The good news is the game isn't slipping far, with a new release date slated for May 2011. While THQ didn't offer a reason behind the short delay, it's likely in the end it will all be chalked up to "polish" and just generally making sure the title is ready to go. Given the franchise's focus on destructible environments plenty of bugs tend to pop up when dealing with collapsing buildings and complex physics so surely a few tweaks had to be made. Don't worry, there's good news after the break! Read More


Director Guillermo Del Toro Making Games with THQ

News comes to gamers today via the LA Times that famed director Guillermo del Toro has partnered with THQ, publishers of Metro 2033, Red Faction: Guerilla, lots of wrestling games, and more. Murmurs of Del Toro's interest in game development have been floating around since last week, when he revealed that he would be working with a "big" publisher on several games. Now that we know that company to be THQ, who can guess what the Pan's Labyrinth and Blade 2 director will be working on? Hit the jump to keep reading. Read More


Red Faction Getting Downloadable Title As Part of Cross-Media Event

While many developers have utilized downloadable game services like Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network as ways to create unique, bite-sized games that wouldn't be able to fill up a disc, others have used it as a promotional tool, creating downloadable titles in order to promote upcoming major releases. Capcom has been the progenitor of this, with Bionic Commando Re-Armed used to promote a reboot of the titular series (and being a far better game in the process), Dark Void Zero for DSiWare being used to promote Dark Void (and also being a better game), and coming soon, a downloadable episode for Dead Rising 2 used as a prequel/demo. So THQ would also like to get into the downloadable action, as VP Danny Bilson told CVG that a Red Faction downloadable game will be released for XBLA and PSN "three to four months" before the March 2011 release of Red Faction: Armageddon. But unlike using the game as a marketing tool, THQ will use it as part of a massive cross-media event that could change the way games are marketed...and it isn't the only franchise they're doing it for. More after the cut. Read More


E3 2010: de Blob 2 Revealed

Last year's Wii smash de Blob will be getting a multiplatform sequel that will hit stores next spring. Not only will the series receive the HD treatment, they will also be 3D compatible on both PS3 and Xbox 360. That's right, all the colors of the rainbow will be splattering all across your screen. Hit the jump to read on. Read More


de Blob: The Underground Unveiled for Wii and DS

Nintendo Power has outed another title (last time it was Super Scribblenauts). de Blob: The Underground is heading to the Wii and DS. Hopefully it's not as bad as some other Underground title gamers may be familiar with. The original de Blob saw players cruising the dreary, monochromatic streets as a gooey ball of paint with attitude. The world had been taken over by a humorous take on the Nazi party (is that possible?) and they've sought to rid the world of color. de Blob was to restore the color... and go. Hit the break for more info and the projected release date... Read More


A Look at PlayStation Move's Third Party Support

Sony's Move was revealed at GDC with some first party offerings. Third party support, apparently, is strong as well. Sony announced some of the companies that have planned support for the system's motion controller. On the list are some recognized names, but what types of games can be expected from the rest? How about a recent track record for the lesser known third party companies involved? This list will take practically days to read, so enjoy it. Read More


de Blob: Going Multiplatform; Motion Controls..?

Imagine a world where there are no Wii-exclusive titles, apart from Nintendo's first party titles. With another previous-exclusive going multiplatform, we're moving towards that dimension. de Blob 2 was just recently announced as going multiplatform in fiscal 2011, following the likes of The Grinder. Also, with rumors that (newly titled) Disney Epic Mickey and NBA Jam will be going multiplatform, de Blob joins the growing list of titles that are moving away from the Wii and closer to the "hardcore" consoles. In my opinion, some games are simply made to be played with motion controls, and the original de Blob was definitely one of them. On the other hand, THQ's CEO Brian Farrell disagrees, preferring to use a standard controller while playing its sequel: "de Blob started its life on Wii. We've not announced anything yet, but obviously with a great brand like that -- people love that character -- taking it to other platforms, the game mechanic can be done. Actually, I prefer it on a normal controller. We'll be branching it out to other platforms -- that's a great brand to build." Read More


Darksiders to Receive 90-Minute Long Demo

THQ is definitely not falling in with the crowd. Unlike other developers who release a short demo of their game, highlighting the first stage or a multiplayer map, THQ has decided to pull out all of the stops and release an industry first: a 90-minute long demo. Beginning Feb. 25, THQ is releasing a free extended demo for Darksiders through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The demo will allow players to access the first dungeon, known as the Twilight Cathedral. Darksiders, which launched in January, shipped 1.2 million units worldwide. In addition, the Xbox 360 version was in the NPD Group's top 10 last month with 171,000 units sold. Needless to say, THQ isn't in dire need of additional sales for the post-apocalyptic title, especially considering that a sequel has already been announced. If you haven't checked out Darksiders yet, don't fret. However, you won't have any good excuse not to come next week. Read More